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10 Things to Think About Before Buying Curtains

Whether you’re looking for door or window curtains, there’s a lot to think about when shopping: length, lining, quality, color, and design are just a few things to think about. There’s also the crucial decision of whether to get them fitted or purchase them ready-made. Don’t be intimidated; our experts have revealed the secrets to choosing the best curtains for your home. Before purchasing curtains, consider the following five criteria”

1. Material

Because it allows the home to breathe, the fabric is a crucial option for curtains. It is critical to select high-quality curtain fabric to ensure that it will last for many years while also looking fantastic. When heavy fabrics are drawn apart, they flow out onto the entire window, whereas light fabrics don’t always stay together. Furthermore, some materials allow for free airflow and keep dust at bay, while others are excessively smothering and increase dust collection and allergies in the home.

2. The Fabric of the Curtain Drape

Take into account the fabric’s drape. Examine a large sample at the store to see how it fits. Pleat it as if it were an accordion, and check if it spills over or holds its shape.

3. Sunlight Exposure

Consider how much sunlight you’ve been exposed to throughout time. Keep the colors light and pastel if there is a lot of it in the room. Bright colors, especially in cotton, fade rapidly and become dull.

4. The Material of the Curtain

Consider the subject matter – a single option or a mix of options. In most homes, light, breezy cotton and linen are used during bright sunny days, while heavy, dark velvet or suede is used when the light fades and the temperature drops.

Silk, imitation silk, cotton, linen, and velvet are the best fabrics for window curtains. In bright rooms, faux silk works wonderfully. If it’s critical to keep the light out while keeping the heat in, a thick, insulating felt material can be applied to the thin material itself.

5. The Length Of The Curtain And Its Lining

Consider how high you want the curtains to start above the window before choosing the fabric. These curtains add height to small spaces. Here’s how to take window measurements for curtains:

  • Begin by measuring from the top of the window to the hooks’ height plus a few inches.
  • Finish the length with the drapes dangling on the floor (for a more traditional effect) and just the skirting lined (for a modern, contemporary look)
  • Add 4′′ to 8′′ of width on each side, plus an extra 2′′ for a broader effect to the curtain. When the curtains are drawn apart, they will not spill into the window area.

6.Curtains with a personal touch

Window curtains that have been tailored have more advantages than those that have been purchased off the shelf. Their dimensions may be adjusted to fit different window sizes, their custom panels come in a number of designs, and a variety of materials can be combined and matched to suit varied functions and aesthetics.

7. Curtains that are already created

Online, ready-made curtains in a variety of styles and materials are now accessible. Buying these and alternating them with custom curtains is affordable and appropriate for today’s homes and apartments because they are embroidered to standard measurements. Investing in higher-quality curtain fabric and hand-stitching them will make them more sturdy and long-lasting.

8. Dry Cleaning Or Do-It-Yourself

This may seem insignificant, but it is critical to purchase curtains based on how you want to keep them. Is simply the dry-cleaning option interesting to you? Do you prefer the more cost-effective alternative of machine-washable fabric?

Selecting High-quality readymade curtains online for the living room and bedroom should usually be dry-cleaned. If washed at home, they might quickly become destroyed. Cotton and other everyday usage curtains can be washed and reused at home. Before you buy anything, make sure you ask the salesperson about this.

9. Curtain Consultants or Do-It-Yourself

Perhaps the most crucial question you should ask yourself is this one. Would you like a curtain consultant to come in and do it for you – plan the look, texture, and finish, offer a selection of materials, and have them stitched and hand-delivered within the comfort of your own home OR would you like a curtain consultant to come in and do it for you – plan the look, texture, and finish, offer a selection of materials, and have them stitched and hand-delivered within the comfort of your own home?

10. The Price of Curtains

If your money allows, hiring professionals to design the aesthetic of your home can have a lot of advantages. While having a consultant come in and do everything for you is convenient and saves you a few trips to the shop, it may be costly unless you locate a good one at a reasonable price. Doing it yourself, on the other hand, will save you money but will take a lot more time and effort.


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