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13 Ways to Cut the Life of Your Vacuum Cleaner

Don’t waste the life of your vacuum cleaner. Follow these tips to make the machine last longer and work more efficiently.

1. It’s Not a Good Idea to Get Rid of Clogs.

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Check your hose visually for any clogs in the hose or wand every use of the vacuum. Cleaning your hoses out does more than boost suction power; it will allow the vacuum to operate more efficiently in the long run and also last more.

If you cannot reach the debris stuck in your fingers, employ a mop handle or a stake for gardening to force it into.

A simple test is To detach the hose and the wand and test sliding a nickel through the hose and wand. If it is stuck, you know that it’s blocked. Be sure you’re not missing the ten spots you should be cleaning but haven’t.

2. The Cord Is Not Wrapped up Properly.

It’s easy to be lazy and let the cord unattended to be touched by family members and pets.

However, by wrapping the cord up after vacuuming, you’ll be able to protect it from damage while avoiding any potential hazards like electrocution for pets in the family or crawlers with a tendency to chew.

If you don’t have the time to wrap that cord at the minimum, always disconnect it.

3. You’re Not Detangling Brushes

The majority of vacuum cleaners have rotating brushes in the intake port. These brushes let dirt and dust loose from carpets so they can be absorbed in the airflow. However, if pet fur or lose strings become stuck in the brushes, they won’t function as efficiently.

With a small pair of scissors, cut gently through the debris to free brushes. Then employ a comb to smooth the brushes. Do robotic vacuums genuinely worth the investment? Find out the answer we have for you.

4. The Bag Is Not Being Replaced or Emptying the Canister.

No matter if your vacuum has a canister, bag or cup, a vacuum filled with too much will not run as efficiently and won’t last for as long.

Although it’s simple to know that a bagless device is empty, it may be challenging to determine when a vacuum bag must be replaced. When you see a decrease in suction, it could indicate that it’s filled with soft, light materials like pet hair.

For the best performance and to prolong the life of your vacuum, change the bag or empty the canister cup once it’s half to two-thirds full. 

5. You’re Not Changing the Filters or Cleaning Your Filters.

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Every vacuum is unique; However, the manual you receive should state how often the filters are required to be cleaned or replaced.

Most vacuum models include an accordion-shaped paper filter and a ring-shaped sponge. For models that have washable filters, make sure to adhere to the washing instructions in the instruction manual.

Naturally, your frequency of vacuuming will depend on how often you clean and on how clean your flooring is. If your filter is dirty, it’s time to change it to clean or replace it. Looking to purchase a new device? They are among the top reliable vacuum cleaners you can buy. And one of this product is Roomba 960 and 860, you can check out the detail. Abd be sure.

6. You’re Not Replacing the Drive Belt.

The belt is wrapped around the beater brush, allowing it to rotate. If the beater brush isn’t working correctly, the beater brush will not let dirt and dust out of the carpet fibers.

When you flip the powerhead over, it is possible to look at the belt for cracks or tears. If you notice that the belt is loose, this is another indication that it’s time to replace it.

7. Separately Storing Attachments

Attachments are usually provided with storage space on the vacuum’s own or in an additional bag or box, but it’s also easy to be lazy.

Sometimes, we place the dusting brush or Upholstery tool at the table instead of taking it down the hall to get it into the closet. This isn’t a huge issue, is it?

Until it is lost or stolen by your puppy to get her brand new toy, when you store the attachments along with your vacuum in a secured location, the parts will be less likely to get damaged or lost.

8. Do Not Clean the Area Before Cleaning It.

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To extend the life of your vacuum to last longer, give your space a once-over.

Remove socks, backpacks or other clothes with drawstrings to avoid being caught inside the belt. Although you can switch off the machine and pull them out in time, it may make the belt looser and decrease the lifespan of the vacuum cleaner.

Then, look for fallen foods, such as cookies, chips or chips, or smaller toys such as LEGOS. Clean them up before vacuuming the space. Here’s how you can prolong the lifespan of your dryer and washer.

9. Smoke Isn’t Stopping When There’s Smoke

This may sound simple, but often we are in turbo-mode and push the vacuum to the limit.

When we do detect smoke, we think we’ll be able to squeeze in only one more room before we can begin problem-solving. However, prevention is the key.

“When the tension on the motor occurs, the motor starts to heat up, and the belt is usually burned, and smoke is produced,” recommends Do It Yourself. They suggest cutting the burned belt with a knife and then replacing it before going on to clean.

10. It Is Not Recommended to Use It Frequently.

Take a look at what’s making your floors filthy first, and then attempt to avoid it so that you’ll use the vacuum cleaner less frequently.

You can store your footwear in bins close to the front door. Here’s why you must remove your shoes as soon as you enter the home.

Other suggestions Other tips: Instead of bringing snacks to the TV or eating at the kitchen table to ensure there aren’t crumbs all over your place and clean your pet’s fur regularly to reduce the amount of hair on furniture and floors.

11. Use of The Wrong Setting.

Most vacuum cleaners come with different settings based on the type of flooring you want to clean, i.e. carpet or wood.

If you’re not using the correct setting, it could make your vacuum cleaner less efficient and reduce your machine’s lifespan. “Setting your vacuum at the lowest setting might not be the best choice to have enough airflow to support the suction action”, according to Angie’s List. This is how you’re reducing the lifespan of your dishwasher.

12. Do Not Read the Manual

Many people do not read the manual until they encounter an issue; by that time, it could be too for them.

The manuals of every company contain essential safety tips and guidelines like “Do not touch the device or plug using wet hands.” This is obvious enough, but it could save your life.

They also offer troubleshooting advice regarding maintaining and keeping your vacuum cleaner in good condition, along with warranty information. This is particularly important if you change to a different brand.

13. Do Not Use a Surge Protector

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They’re not only for TVs or computers. In the words of Lightning Bug Electric, a surge protector can “prevent an electronic deficit caused by surges of electric current that are the over-voltage limit.”

The more powerful the blast is, the greater chance your device stop working.

The causes of power surges can vary from power lines that have been damaged and lightning strikes. Find out all ways to avoid reducing the lifespan of that essential appliance, your coffeemaker.

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