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4 Ways Technology Can Help Those with Autism

Technology has helped people make their everyday lives easier in many ways. While some people have their doubts about how technology exactly helps mental health autism is one of those disorders that can actually benefit from advanced technology if used properly. Here are some amazing technological advancements and innovations that help autistic people get through life.

Smart Home Devices

Smart home devices have made everyone’s life easy. People can go to work, run errands or even go away on vacations and still feel safe about their home. These devices let you monitor your pets, children, and even take care of your plants!

When it comes to parents of autistic children and individuals, smart home devices have a significant role to play. One of the biggest fears parents have about their autistic children is that they might wander off when left unsupervised. In such cases, smart door locks, security cameras, and even security alarms can help parents get notified if such an incident takes place.

Not only this, but autistic individuals often see a lot of therapists and even support groups coming and going from their homes. Parents can use indoor smart cameras to monitor progress during these meetings. You can watch your autistic child at night time as well, even if in different rooms. The moment they get disturbed or feel discomfort, you can be notified through 2-way audio that is built-in to these smart cameras. Smart sensors can also be installed on things like drawers and cabinets to ensure that you are notified when the autistic individual opens these drawers with potentially harmful items like knives.

GPS Trackers

Speaking of the fear about your autistic child wandering off, GPS trackers have a lot to offer. Since autism often results in an inaccurate judgment of danger, wandering off or elopement (intentional or unintentional) is very common. Locating devices or GPS trackers are readily available in the market that can keep you updated with their location.

For example, all Apple devices are connected and synced with the “Find My” app. Its newest update keeps the location updated hours after loss of connectivity too. The new Apple Airtag is another gadget that you can attach to your child’s school backpack to keep check of their location.

These tracks come with detailed mobile apps that let you monitor your kid’s activity closely. You can set trigger words, danger zones, and many such anchor points so that the tracker’s mobile app can notify you when your child is near potential danger.

Noise Canceling Technology

One of the many triggers for autistic people of all ages is loud noise. This can be done in public transport, parties, schools, and even in your own home. While covering your ears or running away from the situation are some common coping tactics, they are not very healthy.

By using noise-canceling technology in headphones such as Apple Airpods Pro are a great solution for this. If someone is not comfortable with in-ear headphones, the Beats 3 By Dr. Dre noise-canceling over-head headphones are a good alternative.

These headphones have an active noise canceling technology that can be turned on through your mobile or with just the press of a button. For example, in the Apple Airpods Pro, noise cancellation can be turned on by simply pressing on the earphone’s stem for 2-3 seconds. You don’t necessarily need to have something playing in the headphones, which is amazing for all autistic people out there. There are many such headphones for kids as well, with designs and patterns that may make them more attracted to the headphones.

Check out a variety of noise-canceling headphones for autistic people to find the best match for yourself or someone you know! These headphones can actually be a very thoughtful gift for someone who is going through this condition.

Relaxing Lights and Lamps

Sensory relaxation plays a vital role in an autistic person’s life. They really appreciate calm and synchronized aquariums, lava lamps, and other such lightings that are subtle and not sharp. Bright and flickering goths are a huge trigger for many autistic people, which is why relaxing lamps and lights make such an impact on them.

These lamps tend to have low brightness but a variety of colors that flow in a set pattern. Since their movement is extremely slow, it gives a sense of calm and peace to the autistic person. Some people also prefer having a well-lit, soothing aquarium. There are many artificial (simulated) aquariums. You can also opt for a real aquarium because a fish, turtle, or any such creature is a safe and easy pet for the autistic individual. Of course, they will need some supervision in order to maintain a real aquarium. To give them a “test drive”, simulated aquariums can be a good start.

Final Word

Technology can help us understand and be better at managing people with special needs. It is important to prep yourself up with such important tech and gadgets so you can benefit those around you. Most of these devices such as GPS trackers and home security work perfectly with high-speed internet. Spectrum has many discounted offers and plans that can be perfect for using such smart devices. If you are a Spanish-speaking household with such internet needs, call Spectrum telefono any time to get the best deals and offers. Don’t compromise on your autistic family member’s well-being and let technology manage it all for you.

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