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5 Bridesmaid Bouquet Alternative Ideas 2022

Flowers are an integral part of wedding arrangements but floral arrangements are quite expensive and many brides-to-be nowadays prefer options that last longer. Although the tradition is definitely significant, seeing couples include out-of-the-box ideas in their wedding parties is certainly an amazing change of pace.

The experts providing bulk flower delivery say most modern-day individuals want their wedding ceremonies to reflect their personality. Well, adding unique details like swapping bouquets for something unusual such as puppies is perhaps the best way to do that.

Is one of your best friends allergic to furry creatures? Don’t worry – you may opt for something else. Below are some of the best bridesmaid bouquet alternatives ideas. Do check them out now.

Statement Corsages

If you have to incorporate florals somehow in the wedding, you can ask your bridesmaids to wear corsages. Corsages are believed to be an exceptional floral counterpart. They are affordable too. The corsages would look amazing when paired with fashionable jumpsuits. Your guests would certainly admire bridesmaids wearing jumpsuits instead of the same old dresses.

Paper Flowers

Paper flowers are one of those bridesmaid bouquet alternative ideas that could impress practically anybody. According to top-notch wedding planners all across the globe, paper flowers are trending. Besides being a Pinterest or Instagram-worthy accent, they are something your bridesmaids can preserve without any hassle. Unlike real flowers, paper flowers do not wither.

Leafy Greens

The experts selling high-quality carnation bouquets said many brides cannot reject tradition completely. Yes, they want their bridesmaids to carry some kind of foliage arrangement. Create aesthetic bouquets out of luscious greens. Palm stems or eucalyptus fern is an excellent alternative to flowers. It is also fresher and more affordable. Use the money saved on your honeymoon.


Lanterns are not just meant for reception décor. They are a romantic replacement for the bridesmaid bouquet, which also adds a beautiful glow to the entire ceremony. The experts specifying the bridesmaid bouquet alternative ideas said after the photographs are snapped, you may repurpose the lanterns into your reception or cocktail decoration. You may also gift them to your bridesmaids.


The experts selling wholesale carnations said fans are a functional substitute for bouquets. They keep your bridesmaids accessorized and cool at the same time. Fans are readily available in varied colors, materials, and shapes. You would not have any problem finding the one that suits your wedding style.

A few other bridesmaid bouquet alternative ideas that you may opt for include – vintage jewelry, balloons, tambourines, and hardbound books.

Now, what if you can make room in your budget for flowers? What kind of flowers would you want your bridesmaids to carry? To know, please continue reading.


Are you marrying in a dry and warm climate? Do you love southwestern or rustic looks? If yes, you may invest in succulents. They make amazing bridesmaids and bridal bouquets. The experts selling the best flower and fruit bouquets said succulents hardly need any water and they remain in bloom for a prolonged period. They can also add a great deal of visual interest thanks to that super cool and sculptural appearance.

Local Flowers

When looking for flowers for bridesmaid bouquets, you should shop locally. Think about the flowers that grow in your area or the area where your ceremony is going to take place (in case you are having a destination wedding). Can you get hold of lilies or tulips perhaps? Using the flowers that are familiar with the climate of your region means you will have long-lasting and super fresh bouquets.

Filler and Spray Flowers

Filler and spray flowers unfortunately have a bad reputation. If you are not aware of these terms, spray flowers are the ones that grow several blooms on one stem. Filler flowers are utilized for filling in the gaps in the floral arrangements. They are generally not considered the star of any show. However, they can stand on their own.

If you love expensive flowers but have a restricted budget, you may purchase spray flowers. Some gorgeous options include Aster, Bouvardia, spray roses, and Limonium.

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Tropical Flowers

Now there is no way you can predict the weather you will have on your wedding day. But if you are thinking of marrying in the summer season or in a warm climate, you must choose flowers that can endure the heat seamlessly. Tropical flowers generally have a delicate appearance; however, they are quite tough. Flowers such as orchids have waxy leaves. They do not dry out no matter how hot it gets.

We hope all the to-be brides out there find this write-up helpful. No matter if you choose floral pieces or the alternatives stated, please ensure you are satisfied with your decision. Your wedding day will be the most special day of your life. You would not want to make compromises and regret them down the road.

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