5 Ways to Boost Conversion

1. Craft Powerful Headlines

People are skimmers, not readers. They scan the page for useful information. The headline is the first thing they see and it needs to be compelling enough that people want to read further into your copy. NewsVarsity makes sure that you use relevant keywords that align with your content in your headlines. Also make sure you write something interesting and original, these help in conversion… don’t just regurgitate the same old tired headline everyone else has written (i.e., “Five Ways You Can Boost Conversions With Social Media”). If I read one more article using this headline structure, I might kill living things! Write something with flair or originality so it doesn’t sound like a direct lift from an SEO how-to guide.

Your Headline Should Be…

Include the keyword you’re targeting in your headline as well as a question or a statement that leads people to want to read more.

2. Use Subheads, Bullet Points and Bolded Text Sparingly

People skim headlines so they can find useful information quickly. The same thing goes for bolded text, bullet points and subheads – if you have too much going on with these formatting elements, it confuses readers and makes them less likely to continue reading your copy. Also use italics sparingly because some older browsers don’t render these type styles correctly (i.e., “stats say” vs “Stats Say”). It’s especially important you check your formatting before publishing a post to make sure everything looks right.

3. Keep It Short and Sweet

People don’t want to read 5,000 words of copy on your blog – it’s not fun for them. They want quick, concise information that can be digested easily and quickly. If you write a short article with the main points covered in your Introduction as well as each of your subheads, people will stay until they get what they need from your content (i.e., “Five Ways You Can Boost Conversion With The Indian Jurist by NewsVarsity Team”). Think of this like carving out steak; sometimes you need to take off excess fat in order to get to the good stuff.

4. Use Sub-Heads and Bullet Points for Lists

People love lists! They’re simple, easy to read and comprehend, and they offer a quick way to get your point across so people can move on to another article without feeling like they’ve been lectured at for five minutes straight. It’s especially helpful if you have several ideas that go into depth about how NewsVarsity can increase conversion. You can even swap out “ways” with other words such as tips, tricks, secrets or hacks (i.e., “Five NewsVarsity Tips To Boost Conversion On Your NewsVarsity Blog by NewsVarsity Team). These elements make it easier to read your content, which leads people further down the sales funnel.

5. Make It About Your Audience, Not About NewsVarsity

People don’t care about NewsVarsity – they care about themselves and their needs. NewsVarsity can help them by offering valuable information that solves a problem. People want to know what NewsVarsity can do for them, not the company itself (i.e., “How NewsVarsity Can Help You Increase Conversions On Your Blog by Waterfall Magazine Team). Use language that talks directly to your reader versus using industry jargon or other subtle forms of extraneous words that offer little value to your audience whatsoever (i.e., “utilize” vs “use”).

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