7 Anime Like Witch Craft Works

7 Anime Like Witch Craft Works

These are these top picks for anime such as Witch Craft Works. Enjoy the suggestions!

Anime Series


  • Nyaruko: Crawling with Love

Nyaruko and Hasuta still want Mahiro. Kuko wants Nyaruko, but believes Nyaruko and Mahiro are her “first times”. Yoriko is a cheerful housekeeper and puts up with it all. Mahiro wants some sanity. Mahiro doesn’t want the love toy of Cthughan, Nyarlathotepan, or shots like Hasturan. If you’re looking for a tool that can generate suitable witch names then a witch name generator tool is perfect.

  • Magimoji Rurumo

Shibaki, a high school boy, has only one interest: girls. He’s the most perverted boy in school, and girls avoid him like a plague. He finds a book about summoning witches in the library one day. It turns out that he was trying it as a joke. Rurumo, an apprentice witch, appears to grant him his wish. Rurumo is helped by Shibaki, who refuses to accept his soul. This part of the story occurred before chapter 1. 

When the story begins, Shibaki wishes that he could once again see Rurumo. As Rurumo crashes to the ground, he sees his wishes come true. As punishment for his soul not being taken, Rurumo is turned into an apprentice demon. She must now get Shibaki to use 666 magic tickets that grant wishes before she can become a witch once again. She doesn’t realize that every time she uses a ticket, it reduces her life. 

Shibaki will be dead if he uses up his last ticket. In addition, Shibaki is told this by Rurumo’s black cat Chiro as part of his “contract” to give him the tickets. Shibaki now has two options: make a wish to help Rurumo turn into a witch again, or resist temptation and save his life.

  • Shakugan no Shana

Crimson Denizens are mysterious aliens who live off the life energy of human beings and have made the world a slaughterhouse. These ruthless murderers leave behind only a few souls, called “Torches,” that are only residuals that will be destroyed along with the fact of their victims’ existence from the minds of the living. Flame Hazes, warriors who are determined to end this inhumane, hungry massacre, relentlessly fight these beasts.

He becomes trapped in time and is attacked by a Denizen. A nameless hunter, who is not unlike a young girl with blazing eyes or crimson hair, comes to Yuuji’s rescue right in time. Yuuji discovers, however, that his memory is only a fragment of what it was before he can do anything about it.

  • Nyaruko: Crawling with Love

“I’m Nyarlathotep. The creeping chaos always smiling beside you.” You can also call her Nyaruko. The Great Ones of the Cthulhu mythos have begun to descend on Nyaruko and Mahiro, their human friends. He is completely ignorant of the nature of his cosmic conflict and just wants peace.

  • Beyond the Boundary

Dark fantasy is about a high school sophomore named Akihito Kanbara. The boy looks human but he is actually half youmu. He can heal wounds quickly and is invulnerable to injury. Akihito is a freshman who meets Mirai Kuriyama one day as she looks about to leap from the school’s rooftop. Mirai’s ability to manipulate blood is what makes her isolated, something that is rare even among spirit world members. After Akihito saves Mirai, disturbing events begin to unfold.

  • Omamori Himari

Yuuto, a typical high school boy just 16 years old, is Yuuto. Since Yuuto was a child, Rin, his childhood friend has cared for him since his parents’ deaths. He is suddenly greeted by Himari, a young girl. Himari, a cat-girl samurai, is sworn that she will protect Yuuto. Yuuto is allergic.

  • Yamada-Kun, the Seven Witches

Ryuu Yamada, a high school student known for being a delinquent, has stopped attending school after one year. He accidentally falls down flight stairs on Urara Shiraishi who is the school’s ace student. Yamada wakes to discover that he had swapped bodies with her. They attempt to reverse the situation and discover that kissing causes the body swap. Toranosuke Miyamura (vice-president of the student council), suggests that they revive the Supernatural Studies Club. They meet other “witches”, who have different powers and can be activated by a kiss.


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