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8 Best Toddler Yoga Classes online in Netherland

Yoga is one of the most effective ways to teach your kids how to live a healthy life. Toddler yoga is designed in a way that teaches yoga to small kids. The purpose of this yoga is to promote a healthy lifestyle from a young age. It helps develop discipline, empathy, love, and passion in kids. Also, when small kids start doing yoga, their bodies react to this practice positively. It leads to a lot of health benefits, for example, in many cases, it boosts the growth of your children.

Apart from boosting the growth, it also helps improve the life, living style, and how your kids respond to a lot of things. For example, if you teach your kids yoga from a young age, they will develop a sense of kindness in themselves. Not only that, but it will also help them live a confident and meaningful life and would help them avoid bad habits.

Based on these benefits of toddler yoga, it is slowly becoming one of the most popular activities in many schools. If your kid’s school does not have a toddler yoga class, then you can easily arrange it as there are a lot of online yoga schools that are offering some toddler yoga classes for young kids. Below is a list of some of these best yoga ashrams and schools that your kids can join and learn toddler yoga.

1.  Arhanta Yoga Ashram:

The Arhanta Yoga Ashram is one of the best yoga ashrams in the world. They have multiple offices in different parts of the world including the Netherlands. Teachers from Arhanta Yoga Ashram are some of the best in the world as they know all about yoga. These teachers have certifications from some of the most famous yoga institutes in India, which is the home of yoga. The Arhanta Yoga Ashram also offers online toddler yoga classes, which means if you live somewhere that makes it impossible for your kids to join the physical sessions, they can learn online. You will have to register your kids for online toddler yoga classes on the website of Arhanta Yoga Ashram. After that, your kids will get different lessons based on the process of toddler yoga. They will not only teach different poses but will also teach the psychology behind these poses.

2.  Cosmic Kids Yoga:

The Cosmic Kids Yoga is also an online yoga ashram that teaches kids yoga or toddler yoga for the young ones. It is known as one of the best yoga ashrams as it offers multiple small courses that are based on the philosophy of yoga. Also, they have the best teachers in the world. All of their teachers are highly certified. That means, your kids will be learning from some of the best and highly trained professional yoga trainers. Cosmic Kids Yoga offers smaller and short courses that mean your kid can complete courses within a few months. After that, they can keep on doing yoga through the downloaded material or recorded lectures that Cosmic Kids Yoga provides to all of its students. The Cosmic Kids Yoga opens a way for these kids to enter the world of yoga and explore it in detail.

3.  Go With YoYo:

The Go With YoYo is an online tv program that teaches kids different yoga lessons. This is a free yoga course, you may have to pay for the cable that provides this program. The Go With YoYo teaches multiple smaller poses that kids can do easily. As this program can be recorded, these kids can learn from this program even later. The Go With YoYo promotes a healthy lifestyle through yoga. Their professional yoga instructors have some of the best certifications. This course is for those who want to learn from the cost, but it is not effective most of the time as it does not focus on the kids individually, instead, it generalizes everyone in the same sentence. That can be a problem for some kids who need special attention. That is why it is the third-best on this list.

4.  Karma Kids Yoga:

The Karma Kids Yoga is also an online yoga course that toddlers can join to learn yoga. This is also one of the best yoga courses in the Netherlands that are offered by highly qualified toddler yoga experts. You can join their classes from their website and online channels if you are unable to visit their studio. They will offer you the best and easy methods to teach your kids about yoga. Their teachers will help your kids do different yoga poses in multiple ways.

5.  Appu Series:

This is the fifth-best toddler yoga class online in the Netherlands. It is an online yoga class that students can join online. After joining, your kids will become eligible to learn from some of the best AppuSeries yoga lessons. It is also available on youtube, which means some of their classes are free.

6.  Kidding Around Yoga:

Kidding Around Yoga is the 6th best yoga online class for toddlers in the Netherlands. It offers the best yoga classes online through highly qualified instructors. These instructors have yoga certifications that mean they can help your kids learn yoga in the best way possible. They will give lectures online and will also provide written material for your kids to learn by reading and writing.

7.  Kids Yoga Stories:

This is the 7th best class of toddler yoga online. Kids Yoga Stories is an online channel that offers some classes on youtube but the advanced toddler yoga classes are only available on their private website. Your kids can join their website and learn from them.

8.  Bari Koral – Kids Yoga, Music & Mindfulness:

The Bari Koral is the 8th best yoga center for online learning of toddler yoga. It is one of the best yoga schools as it teaches your kids about love, yoga, music, and mindfulness. It offers classes online that your kids can join. Apart from that, it gives your kids a live session of doing yoga. That means, your kids will be able to learn from examples.


The article above contains a list of the 8 best toddler yoga classes in the Netherlands that your kids can join. Arhanta Yoga Ashram offers some of the best calluses in toddler yoga.

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