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8 Tips to Make Your Essay Structure Strong

It is very natural to know that for some people essay writing seems like a piece of cake but some find it really difficult and have to practice and learn it regularly. It’s really comforting to know that once you learn the ways to write an essay, you can use the same methods to write any piece of academic help whether it’s a standard essay, a reflective essay, a dissertation or thesis, a course assignment, coursework, or something else. It’s very fascinating to know that one can become a professional essay writer by just learning some tricks.

So, let’s learn the 8 techniques of writing an essay.


1.  Understand the Question


It may seem like very absurd advice but the matter of fact is that failing to understand the question of the essay is one of the reasons for the disaster of your essay. First, take a keen look at what the question is. Are they asking to critically evaluate something? Compare and contrast? Analyses of a specific circumstance? Evaluate the utilization of a concept?

Many common phrases are found in the question of essay and each one of them has a different expectation. If you have to evaluate something critically for example you have to understand the theory and the common approaches. In short, the question of the essay will guide you on how to write an essay. you will get an indication of what the essay focuses on and what you have to research and write.


2.  Plan and schedule


The second important step is to properly use the availability of time and manage it. Students think writing an essay is a piece of cake and requires less time which leads to:

If you want a good academic help result, you must start working on your essay as soon as you receive it. when you will set deadlines and will commit to your work, you will not feel burdened in the end because you have been utilizing your work well and you will be able to meet the deadline. You must also keep in mind to leave some time for proofreading and finishing your draft.


3.  Wisely read it


Along with writing, reading is also a very important task. Your research really counts in. you must do good research on the topic or the literature you have to write before starting the essay. A big skill is to know how to scan through big data. The first and foremost, tool is Google Scholar. You must start your research from it as it is very authentic. You will also find keywords for the essay you are writing. Once you search for a valid article, read it properly to know if it is an authentic one.

It’s better not to be stuck to one text as this will show that your research skills are weak and that you didn’t try to search wider form of literature. It’s even better to use a coursebook as most people look for the content on the internet and it is impressive to utilize the book and it is more authentic.


4.  Be Critical


Next, you have to try to be critical. Thinking critically will help you write an exceptional essay and it will surely stand out. It will show that you have not been limited to the amount of information you have been fed by your teachers but you have been vastly using the knowledge from different sources and been using the theories creatively. You can enhance your critical thinking by reading the reviews of the literature and attentively seeing that they are vast and are not limited to the previous theories. Instead, they have their own opinion and thinking and their own research included.


5.  The flow, focus, and structure


Presenting your argument in a way that is logical and unique is very important as it will show the flexibility of your knowledge and structure.

You must take care that the whole of your essay fits perfectly together and moves in a flow that the change from one argument to another is as smooth as fluid. Most students just list down the arguments and keep explaining each one of them turn by turn in form of points and it breaks the flow of the essay and seems like a broken essay which leads to low grades. the readers must understand the transitions of your essay and how one argument lights up the image that you’re trying to create and links with the next argument.


6.  Plagiarism, Quoting and paraphrasing


It is essential to present evidence or a citation when you state a fact, argue, and present frameworks and theories from academic help. This will surely at as a support of your novel argument that you are making.

If you are thinking of adding in other authors, you must understand the comparison between quoting and paraphrasing. It is a general rule to paraphrase as much as you can and quote only the points that are important to be quoted for example a famous saying as it will give a better look in the same form. Paraphrasing is a difficult task but it becomes extremely difficult if one loses the track of their presented argument.


7.  Find a study buddy

People usually don’t value their friends who are their study partners but it has been noticed that you gain better grades when you study with your buddy. But you must not write your essays together nor even discuss it together so that you both don’t match your approaches and don’t exchange the ideas so that your essays are different. Otherwise, you might have matching essays which will create issues in your plagiarism.

Instead of writing an essay together, you should exchange your essay once you are done with writing it because it is not easy to proofread your own essay as you won’t really be able to find out your own mistakes. Your friend will proofread your essay and will make you improve your mistakes.


8.  Write academically

A very common issue found in undergraduates is that they use non-academic help language as they are not aware of academic language or writing. Non-academic language is commonly found and the example is enough to tell you that you must avoid such mistakes. The example looks more like a blog post rather than an academic help essay. One other tact you all can use is that you can buy essay cheap from a good platform and can submit it. This will save your time, energy and will help you gain good grades.


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