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9 Best Anarkali Outfits for Weddings

Clothing has always had a close relationship with people. Whether it is to protect us from the outside world and extreme weather or to allow us to express ourselves, clothes are the closest things to a person. Outfits like anarkali sets have symbolized femininity and daintiness since ancient times. However, the rapid blending of western and eastern sartorial cultures has given this historical clothing article a variety of styles that depending on your preferences. This outfit can be worn to express glamour or delicate modesty.

Here are the best Anarkali styles.

Classic Abayas

If you are a modest person, then the classic abaya suits with their graceful silhouette would be perfect for you. People consider Abaya suits as modest ethnic wear for a traditional setting. However, these are also very popular for their relaxed yet elegant look. The silhouette of the dress often captures the idea of understated regality. Additionally, the long sleeves, the smaller radii of the necklines, and the ankle-length frock-top of the dress convey an impression of minimal skin exposure. It creates a beautiful appearance of sheathed beauty on the wearer.

Pant Style Anarkali

Anarkali suits with embellished pants are among the most ravishing styles. The Anarkali kurta is often parted either at the front or at the side. The partings show off the delicate designs on these pants. You can find these dresses with trailing trains like those shown in asymmetrical designs. The slitted style with embellished pants is the best choice for a fashionable look while wearing an Anarkali. Moreover, you can also opt for pant style festive wear Kurtis. These festive Kurtis will absolutely look amazing.

Asymmetric Flair

Incorporating asymmetric hemlines into the traditional Anarkali silhouette means it retains its modest features. Also, hemlines add an element of modern style to the outfit. You can incorporate this asymmetry either by adding uneven layers or by simply varying the length of the top or kurta. Both of these alternatives seem to be popular with the masses, but the latter appears to be more popular. From the front, the skirt is shorter, giving the impression of a trailing train. Cigarette pants are particularly popular with Anarkali kurtas since they let the wearer show off the style of the bottom churidar.

Peshwa Style

People regard the Peshwa dresses as among the poshest ethnic dresses for women due to their royal origins. In addition to its flamboyant silhouette and opulent yet tasteful embellishments, this style of Anarkali is the most luxurious. This Pishwas Anarkali, which usually has a layer with different types of fabrics, looks more beautiful with the voluminous skirt. Additionally, the present day designers also did not alter the design in order to add modish improvements. Thus, it ensures that the dress retains a dignified look, making it an ideal choice who values stately fashion.

Layered Anarkali

An Anarkali with multiple layers or tiers is one of the few things that looks both sophisticated and fashionable. This extra layer on an Anarkali gives the entire ensemble an unmistakable luxe look. It is a perfect choice when you want to look special while maintaining an understated effect. Therefore, these multilayer Anarkalis are popular choices for wedding occasions. It gives the wearer an effortless look of opulence and fancy without going overboard.

Floor Length

Anarkali suits remain associated with regality despite the influence of western culture. They kept the regality since it is uncannily similar to the floor-length gowns of the Victorian era. Anarkali dresses in the fashion industry replicate the fitted bodice and flared skirt of the gowns of noble ladies. You can easily dress up with simple embellishments in floral or other daintier patterns for a princess-like look.
Cold Shoulder Anarkali

A cold shoulder looks flattering on any body type. So, they have established themselves as a distinct brand in the ethnic fashion industry. This cold-shoulder cut can also redefine the fashion appeal of Anarkalis. While retaining the traditional silhouette of the style, they redefine the look. Cold-shoulder Anarkalis are perfect for women because of their redefining look. Women who wish to incorporate some glamour into their traditional look can go for this without creating too much fuss.

Jacket Style Anarkali

Women’s ethnic clothing, like Anarkalis, has always been regarded as being appropriate for weddings. Women who want to appear mature and elegant during celebrations should wear this outfit. The jacket style is one of the few sub-styles that allows the dress to give off a more youthful appearance. Various lengths and designs are available in jackets with Anarkalis. Others can be quite long, while others can be as short as cropped jackets. You can also see variations in fabrics and embellishments..

Gown Style Anarkali

When it comes to ethnic fashion, you won’t find something as sophisticated as a gown-style Anarkali suit. This is a combination of the best of both worlds, western and traditional. Anarkali dresses achieve a glossy look with an elaborately embellished bodice, which is typical of most modish gowns. Designer fabric-cuts alone beautify the flared skirt without adding any other embellishments. You can create a gown-like ambience by adding embellishments to the sleeves of the dress.

Final Words

These are a few styles you can choose to wear at any wedding you will attend. You will look stunning in any of these gorgeous Anarkali. Just keep your hair open and wear minimal jewellery. Lastly, wear high heels, and you will be ready to rock the party.


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