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All You Need to Know about Financial Account Aggregation

Are you tired of signing into each financial account separately? So, in place of signing into each of your financial accounts one by one, there are account aggregation services that you may try. It is a service that builds up information from various accounts in a single useful way.  

What are the Types of Financial Account Aggregation?  

There are two key types of financial account aggregation:

Account information services are the type of financial aggregation that you would get in personal financial software. While a payment initiation service needs a different kind of banking license and is mainly provided by FinTech players and retail banking firms. Undoubtedly, the second type of financial aggregation gives more benefit to the customer.  

Data aggregation is not limited to the financial industry, of course. In various applications as well, data is also gathered and aggregated to make life simpler for the customer. Just consider HR services apps, where details from different apps are taken out to provide employees with a comprehensive overview of their advantages.  

Advantages of Having All Accounts in a Single Place

Collecting all your brokerage, credit card, checking, loan, savings, and several accounts, even if they are adhered crossways different financial organizations, concurrently on single page can assist you to manage your cash fast and more effectively. For instance, knowing how much is in your interfering account while simultaneously observing that you possess a forthcoming credit card bill or outstanding loan disbursement signifies you will be capable of accounting for that payment without overestimating your account. Noticing all your accounts in sync is useful, specifically with real-time transaction details in your hands.  

As a significant part of the aggregation or consolidation of accounts, these software programs provide automatic transaction downloads in addition to the ability to see data for various accounts on a single screen, which is sometimes known as your dashboard.  

The advantage of account aggregation is that you do not need to sign into many accounts to get an analysis of your finances. You just require to access a software program, sign into a website, or open an app to see all your financial accounts. You get a photo of all your balances, transactions, and linked data in a specific place.  

Things that are Possible with Account Aggregation?

Generally, suppose a user or business possesses more than a single bank account or financial product. In that case, the aggregation of accounts will make it effortless for them to check their finances. By connecting all of their various bank accounts or credit cards, users can access details for all accounts in one app. This gives a more flawless client experience than signing into a range of applications or online portals to see financial details. 

Businesses that provide account aggregation may also give many additional products and services. PFM or Personal finance management and accounting software services are becoming more prominent, and account aggregation is their main force. PFMs let users check their finances in a more systematic way than always. Apart from considering a transaction list, users are provided with more data all over income, expenses, and savings. While accounting software is generally employed by SMEs to maintain cash flow and normal accounting. 

How can Aggregation Add Value to Your Financial Process?

Same as how a user’s email id is the center of all our data, the account aggregation mechanism can give an even more coarse analysis into all financial features of an individual’s life from the financial viewpoint. For example, with account aggregation in position, customers will no longer need to take a print of their bank statement and self-sign it before allocating it with a loan provider. They can perform it easily by pushing a button on the safe aggregation app. As cool as it looks, the application will let the users even select data they would like to allocate to the loan provider. 

Setting Up Account Aggregation

For setting up account aggregation, you initially require online banking connections with the financial organizations that hold all your accounts. After that, you can list every account in an aggregation interface. This is done via a setup period in which you mention where each financial account is kept, together with the user id or account number and password for all accounts, which allows the aggregator to see the account information.  

When you log in to your software with the password, it utilizes the aggregation solution to safely present login details and passwords to all personal financial organizations that maintain your accounts. Details for your accounts are then scraped or downloaded and assigned to you in a single place.  

Safety and Protection

Once you give your secure login details to the software, an automatic system gathers the data as you would if you signed on yourself.  

In addition, the software brings on several advanced safety features. For instance, extra authentication will probably occur if you are signing on from an unidentified system.  

Furthermore, you should take much care in giving your financial information to a 3rd party, even one with top security certificates. However, many individuals who play an active role in their personal financial management consider aggregation services for their comfort, simplicity to use, and safety features. These types of services can save enough time without giving extra concern to your money management.  


Final Words  

Account aggregation has become very popular in the past few years, with the growth of services like Anumati. Whereas customer demand for these services is illusive, in the past, banks and different financial organizations had been doubtful to let access to customer account details. All the same, with the creation of the banks, FDX has a process of working with financial aggregators and fintech companies to secure client information while keeping their clients satisfied. 

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