An Ultimate Design Guide to Custom Vape Boxes

The trend of vaping is increasing day by day. However, vaping is less harmful as compared to cigarettes. In 2020 the vapes sale valued at USD 6.09 billion. This figure shows a great demand for vape sales.

There is tough competition in the market between vape manufacturers and if you are representing a vape brand then you have to come up with new designs. Go for having custom vape boxes to exhibit your brand uniquely.

Below listed are some of the enticing design ideas. Just have a look and adapt them to showcase your vapes in a new attractive way.

Window Vape Boxes

The vape packaging with window feature addition looks incredibly outstanding. What is a window for? By implementing the window component on the boxes you have the chance to display your inside placed vape devices in an attractive manner.

There are packaging companies that manufacture window features in two styles. The one style is Die-Cut Window Style and the other is PVC window style. You can choose from both styles as per your brand’s requirements.

Add the text on the Vape Boxes

Don’t forget the addition of specifications on the packaging. For instance, you can add the details such as stress and pain relief, anti-inflammatory, or low & non-psychoactive. Further, do add the warning details and do specify the age from whom vapes are suitable.

Further, you can add the details about the battery and the power as well on the vape packaging boxes. Additionally, the details regarding the weight and length of the vape product will be also helpful for the users to get a great idea for your product.

Material Selection is a Big Yes…!!

When customers receive your vape products the first thing, they feel is the box texture. Therefore, your box structure and texture should be attractive to catch the maximum attention of the buyer. Moreover, it would be helpful to make your products famous.

Which material is best to choose? There are various sustainable material choices available within the market, hence you can select the one which can go best with your custom vape boxes packaging. The following are some of the famous materials available within the market:

  • Kraft Boxes
  • Corrugated Boxes
  • Cardstock Boxes
  • Rigid Boxes

You can change the entire look of your vape boxes by selecting the best material. The Custom kraft boxes are ranked at top of the list in their biodegradability. Whereas the cardstock box material is best for accepting the colors.

Moreover, the corrugated and rigid boxes are best suitable for international shipments and will keep your products breakage-free. Additionally, you can utilize the rigid material boxes for your premium collection of vape boxes and subscription boxes.

Coatings Add an Incredible Touch of Sealing

Without the addition of coating on the custom vape pen packaging, your graphics will ruin. So, the addition of coatings is an important approach in order to enhance the level of branding.

The coating adds luster and life to the box. Moreover, the coating is best to protect the vape box in an elegant way.

The famous coatings available within the market are glossy, matte, satin, and metallic.

However, these coatings are best to implement on your vape boxes to enhance the aesthetic value.

 Artwork is Must

As vapes comprise of various flavors, so just take an artwork idea through this feature. You can draw out graphical artwork on the vape boxes aligning with the flavors of the vape boxes.

Further, if you are not happy with the suggested artwork of the packaging company, you can sketch out your own artwork style and convey it to the selected packaging company. However, the experts present within the packaging company are incredibly talented to implement your conveyed artwork.

Further, if your vapes comprise of other ingredients such as CBD, you can show this by sketching out the image of the CBD leaves

Font style is the Key for Captivating

The font style increases or decreases the value of the product. Your product is nothing without the implementation of attractive font styles. Try to utilize the font which is easy to read on the vape pen boxes.

Through the font, the reader perceives all the information regarding the product. So, create it alluring and eye captivating. After selecting an elegant font style for your vape boxes. You should also have to select an enticing color for the font.

The attractive color addition nicely holds the attention of the customers and you don’t have to do a lot of hard work in catching the customer’s attention. It is easy to get the customer’s attention through eye-captivating colors but to keep holding their attention for a longer time period is tough. Additionally, try to create your vape packaging content interesting by adding certain images and attractive captions.

Further, you can adopt the font style by setting the hierarchy of text through its importance. For instance, highlight the most important content in a big font and then so on like this the less important text in medium size font and the least important in a smaller size. This action will create a nice decent outlook of your box.

Where to get the best Vape Boxes?

You can get the best vape boxes by hiring a competent packaging manufacturer. The competition is tough within the market. But you can follow the following checklist in order to have great boxes of your own choice. Select the company which provides:

  • Fastest turnaround
  • Free shipping services
  • Free design services
  • Sustainable Material Boxes
  • Easy assembling of boxes
  • Free Prototyping

Moreover, you can go through the review and feedback of the company which you want to select. The Kwick Packaging is one of the best packaging companies within the USA which provides the packaging of your choice.

After selecting this company you don’t have to think much about selecting the right design and the correct coatings for your custom vape boxes. Because the experts present within this packaging company offer the best artistic designs and layouts for your vape boxes.

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