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Becoming The Best Goalkeeper: 6 Tips To Impress Your Team


Have you ever been dreaming of becoming one of the best football goalkeepers? You might’ve seen a lot of goalkeepers who showed their talents and skills in every game that influenced you. However, many other things have encouraged you to take this path. It mainly depends on your environment and your own decisions.

Some people have been collecting retro football shirts since they were young which also inspired them to play football. However, whether you wanted to become a goalkeeper since you were young or not, it’s never too late to pursue your dream.

So if you want to know how to impress your team, then here are some tips to become the goalkeeper you’ve always wanted!

1. Know the rules

Just like any other things you want to accomplish, you should know all the rules of playing football specifically being a goalkeeper or a goalie. Even if you already know how things work in the field, there are still written regulations that you need to abide by whenever you ümraniye escort bayan play.

Do you want to become an international football player or goalkeeper, then you should learn the rules and regulations set by the Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA). However, if you’re going to start in a local team, then they might’ve other rules you need to know.

Once you know all the rules, then you can focus on improving your skills by practising and applying them while you play.

2. Get the right equipment

For starters, whether you already have a collection of retro football shirts or not, you’ll still need to get a shirt from your team. In addition, you’ll need cleats, padded shorts, shin guards, gloves, a padded undershirt or arm sleeves, and headgear.

As you may already know, the equipment used by a goalkeeper is different from other players since you’ll need to dive, and you should be easily identified on the field. Most goalkeepers wear an entirely different colour from their teammates to stand out.

Furthermore, you’ll be the one who’s on the defence so wearing padded shirts and shorts is necessary.

3. Practise more often

As a team, you have a regular schedule for practise. However, as the goalkeeper, you also need to practise alone. It doesn’t need to be long hours of practise. Instead, find some time to work on your catching, diving, kicking, and jumping.

Even if your team already approves of your skills, there are things you’ll need to do to prevent your opponents to score. Besides, your team will appreciate it if you keep on discovering things that can help you and your team.

Meanwhile, as you practise, you’ll also manage to think of an instant solution when you face a certain challenge.

4. Communicate with your team

Communication is the key to all team sports. So if you have a good relationship with your team, it’s easier to interact with them while in the field. Moreover, you can even create signals whenever you come up with a plan.

When you constantly communicate with your team, you’ll create a bond that will last even when you’re in the field or not. As the bond strengthens, you’ll also create strategies that will benefit the entire team.

Unfortunately, good communication can’t be built in a single team practise. Instead, you should also make some time to get to know each other outside the game.

5. Maintain a good diet

Do you think you already have enough skills to become a goalkeeper? Unfortunately, that’s not enough to maintain this position. As a goalkeeper, you also need to maintain a good diet which will increase your concentration, ability to respond faster, and be strong enough to block the ball.

Some goalkeepers don’t mind dieting since they’re young. However, whether you’re old or young, a well-balanced diet will still affect your performance in your games. When you don’t eat enough, your body may react differently as you use a lot of energy. You may not notice it while you’re young, but you will pay the price once you get older.

6. Eyes on the ball

As mentioned before, your focus needs to be sharp. However, although you can see every movement on the field, you still don’t have much time to respond once the ball gets closer to you. So even if you change your focus for just a millisecond, you might lose the game.

Usually, goalkeepers are expected to multitask often. It means that even though you’re focus is on the ball, you need to think of the best move at the same time. Moreover, even after you’ve blocked a shot, you should still have another way to stop the ball if it returns immediately.

It looks easy, right? However, it takes hard work and patience to get what you’ve always wanted. So if you’re as dedicated to collecting retro football shirts as to becoming the best goalkeeper, then there’s no doubt that you’ll get there. Don’t forget to share more tips by leaving a comment below!

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Aliana Baraquio is a web content writer working for Retro Football Kits, an international shop that offers a huge selection of retro football shirts and match-worn classic football shirts from the 70s to the 00s. As a writer, she is passionate about providing good quality articles that will help readers in making the right choice. 

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