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The grades, certificates, degrees, etc. Every single academic achievement measures your literary value and cerebral potential. But your inner value, the emotional potential, cannot be measured by these grades or numbers. Through the college application essays, the universities give a chance to the students to tell their stories. Beyond grades and test results, these essays allow students to customize their applications.

Essays are integral and non-detachable part of every student’s academic life. In different stages, you learn to write various forms and types of essays. The college application essay help are an accumulation of all those learning.

Importance of College Application Essays

The college essay is an essential factor in determining whether or not a student is accepted into undergraduate or graduate programmes. This document is your opportunity to make an excellent first impression by demonstrating career ambitions, personal and professional experiences, educational goals, and some indication that the school’s curriculum will be advantageous to the student’s professional plans.

  • When universities choose between candidates with identical qualifications, a compelling, well-written essay can make a big difference, skewing in the writer’s favour. This is certainly relevant for universities with a high acceptance rate.
  • Students might also use the essay to demonstrate that they’ve given much thought to why they’re a suitable fit for the college they’re applying to. In addition, they can show their dedication to learning and their potential to become a core part of the campus community.
  • A powerful essay could push you into the admitted group if you are a candidate with less-competitive academic qualifications. However, because academics are the fundamental basis of evaluation, your essay is uncertain about mitigating for academic results that are far below average.

Hacks to Write an Excellent College Application Essay

A 500-word college application essay might spell the difference between admittance and disqualification. You’ll spend days researching and creating your essay, but admissions committees will only read it for a few minutes, so you need to grab their interest right away.

It can also be one of the most stressful parts. You have to keep many things in your mind to make your essay an excellent read. You can refer to the following points to make your job easier.

Ø Follow the Instructions

The most critical part of writing an essay is the beginning of it. It might sound redundant to say that you should read the directions carefully, but you might miss it with all of the excitement and stress.

If you don’t follow the application essay criteria, the admissions committee might presume that you won’t be able to follow the university’s program’s instructions.

Ø Avoid Common Topics

Common topics such as sports or fashion are intriguing to write about. But it is advisable not to consider such a topic unless it’s mandatory. For example, you might write 500-600 words describing one goal or your admiration toward a specific designer. You will end up making no point.

Ø Keep Your Intended Major in Mind

When you consider your desired major, the essay’s significance becomes more intricate. Your essay should represent your talent-related to your chosen major.

If you intend to take a journalism major and write about the top ten methods of cooking crab, then it will hold no importance. The admission board will be perplexed if they receive a poorly written or uninspired essay. They might start wondering how well you realise your abilities.

Ø Begin Early

It is very acceptable for you to be unsure about your topic. The essay will be reviewed, edited and changed several times throughout the process. You might end up changing the whole subject totally, that too multiple times. Thus, you should begin writing the first draught at the earliest, keeping enough time for all the changes.

Ø Be Yourself

Universities are searching for uniqueness and integrity of thought. So don’t try to structure your essay around terms or concepts that have been used many times before. Instead, build it on your actual convictions.

Ø Proofread

Take help from experienced ones to proofread your writing. It should be someone who has a good grip on content writing and has an idea about the conventions and rules.

If you want to prepare an excellent college application, you’ll probably go through it repeatedly to make sure there are no typos, spelling, or punctuation mistakes. However, after a while, you may require a change of perspective. So it is best to ask someone else.

Does Your Essay Have All The Answers?

Admissions committees read a lot of essays, and one that is well-written can stand out. Therefore, check if your essay answers all the following questions before submitting your paper. This might be the criteria of selection.

  1. Is there a straightforward solution to the central question in the essay?
  2. Is there a good first paragraph that grabs the reader’s attention?
  3. Does it present a well-thought-out argument or plot?
  4. Have you made a strong point and stuck to it?
  5. Is it written in a natural, student-friendly style appropriate for the subject matter?
  6. Were the student’s word choices and construction of sentences effective?
  7. Is there proper grammar, punctuation, and spelling?
  8. Is it concise? Was the student aware of the recommended time frame?

You must examine it very critically before submission. It should be grammatically correct and have well-articulated content. It should portray the student as an intelligent, analytical individual who desires to learn. Every student’s ultimate goal is acceptance. The essay should serve as another tool for presenting the student as a valuable member of the student community, college, or university.

Final Thoughts: College Application Essays are vital for your admission to your desired college with your chosen major. Thus you must know everything about writing an attractive and well-read application essay.

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