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Effective Remedies to Whiten Your Teeth

Brighten your Smile

If you have yellowed or stained teeth and want them to be white again, look no further than your local dentist. Dental whitening can help remove stains from the outside of your teeth, giving you whiter teeth in just one session. Plus, there are many at-home remedies that can help reduce staining from the inside of your teeth, which means whiter teeth in the long run! Here are the best remedies to whiten your teeth, whether you go to your dentist or do it yourself.

Visit your dentist

Whiten Your Teeth

If you’re really serious about whitening your teeth and want to take it from home, visit your dentist. They can help you choose a whitening method that’s best for your individual needs and offer an even higher level of precision than you can achieve at home.

Use a Microdermabrasion machine

Another tried-and-true method of whitening your teeth is using a Microdermabrasion machine. Microdermabrasion removes tiny amounts of skin from your teeth, exposing more of their surface area and making them appear lighter. You can also use the toothpaste or other products containing hydrogen peroxide in combination with Microdermabrasion for maximum results. Always be sure to purchase food grade hydrogen peroxide for these remedies, as it’s not safe for human consumption!

Drink lemon juice every day

Lemon juice is the natural bleach, so it’s no surprise that sipping it can help whiten your teeth. The citric acid breaks down stains on your enamel. Simply put lemon juice in water and sip throughout the day or try squeezing a bit onto a toothbrush before you brush. If you want to try a commercial product, look for toothpaste with an SPF value of five or more—it will protect your teeth from sun damage while brightening them up with every brush.

Use a water flosser

Whiten Your Teeth

A water flosser is one of the most effective home remedies for removing stains from your teeth. Water flossers are better than regular string floss, since they reach hard-to-reach areas and have a higher flow rate. And, since you’re flushing out debris from between your teeth (not just moving it around) water flossing is particularly good at removing plaque from in-between your teeth.

Take fish oil tablets

Whiten Your Teeth

Oily fish is a fantastic source of omega-3 fatty acids, which are known for their many health benefits. It’s not just that oily fish like salmon and tuna help your heart—they also help keep your teeth white! A recent study found that supplementing with cod liver oil helped subjects naturally whiten their teeth.

Take calcium supplements

You probably know calcium is great for your bones. But did you know it also helps prevent tooth decay? Your dentist may recommend that you take a calcium supplement if you don’t eat enough dairy products or leafy greens (which are rich in calcium). You can even find foods fortified with additional calcium, like orange juice and cereals.

Use coconut oil

Coconut oil is an effective remedy for whitening teeth because it contains ingredients that work as bleaching agents and remove stains on your teeth. Simply apply a small amount of coconut oil directly onto your teeth using a cotton swab or clean toothbrush, leave it on for approximately 15 minutes, and then rinse off with lukewarm water. Repeat once daily until you achieve desired results. Just make sure you don’t use too much at once since that can cause build up in your mouth!


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