Everything You Should Know About Personal Protective Equipment In Brief

A PPE or personal protective equipment is a type of equipment or outfit that helps a user to have minimal or no exposure to biological, chemical, and physical hazards at a workplace. People wear a respective kit when they have no control over the probable risks at a standard level. Before being on the worksite, professionals and workers put the respective PPE kit on. Sometimes, they do it in a hurry or put it wrongly. To keep them safe, personal protective equipment detection is crucial. And a respective person can do it by installing a respective system. Here have a look at the importance and types of PPE kits with their safety tips:

Importance of wearing PPE

Using a PPE kit is essential. Whether you are an engineer, construction worker, a doctor/nurse, or a common man entering a hazardous area, you must keep a respective kit on your body. Here are some benefits of using personal protective equipment: 

  • Stop the spread of infections like common cough & cold and Covid-19
  • Safeguard from extreme chemical exposure 
  • Prevent the happening of unnecessary injuries at the worksite 
  • Enhance employee efficiency and productivity 
  • Help to meet the set industrial safety norms and regulations 

Types of personal protective equipment 

As per its usage, personal protective equipment is of 4 basic types that are as follows:

  • Eye & face protection – You need to utmost care of your eyes and face when you might have burns, chemical splashes, or loss of vision. Never hesitate to use goggles, face shields, and safety glasses at your worksite.    
  • Respiratory protection – Usually, people face air pollution that can cause them to have serious health issues. You can keep yourself safe by using an N95 face mask when you notice air quality is low in your area. As a medical practitioner, you should use a surgical mask and gloves while being with patients.     
  • Skin and body protection – Working at a construction site or chemical factory is full of risks. You may have injuries from falling objects, extreme temperatures, flames & sparks, sharp materials, and falls from a height. These risks can make you have problems in your hands, legs, head, or entire body. To keep yourself safe and protected, you should wear a respective kit such as helmets, gloves, boots, protective gowns, straps, etc.   
  • Hearing protection – Noise pollution, especially at construction and fabrication sites, puts people at a higher risk of having hearing problems. As an engineer or worker, you should wear a respective hearing protection equipment if you have extreme noise exposure. You can use earmuffs, single-use earplugs, or molded/pre-formed earplugs.      
  • Covid-19 prevention & control – The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has entered in the 3rd year after its beginning in December 2019. Different vaccines are available to protect people from having Covid-19 infection for a certain period, 3 to 6 months as per the latest studies. Using an N95 face mask properly and sanitizing or washing hands with soap and water is the most effective step to stay safe and healthy.    

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How to ensure safety while having a PPE kit 

Having a PPE kit is not enough to guarantee safety and security. You are safe when you use and dispose of your personal protective equipment well. Here are some steps that you can follow: 

  • Have a close look at your PPE kit before having it on your particular body part or the entire body 
  • Avoid wearing it if it has any damages 
  • Pay attention to cleanliness while having it on. Suppose that you are having a mask on your face. You must wash or sanitize your hand before wearing it. Further, you should never touch the inner area of your face mask 
  • Ensure your PPE kit fits well on a specific part or entire body. Avoid making adjustments   


A PPE kit is useful and effective for you when you have a sound idea about it. Before using one, you should know what it is, its type, why you should wear it, and how you should put it on. You will be safe and protected.   


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