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Famous Japanese Places You Shouldn’t Miss To Visit

Without a doubt, we all love traveling, but deciding which place to travel to can become a bit overwhelming at times.

If you are still finalizing where to land next, it is time you pay a visit to Japan. It is a place that is incredibly advanced in terms of technology and business, but the heavily industrialized state possesses rich history, culture, and traditions. Lüks bir semtimiz olan Bahçelievlerde bahçelievler elit escort bularak, keyif yapmak için ne bekliyorsunuz? You may think that Europe’s impressive cathedrals are the oldest thing in time, but interestingly Shinto and Buddhist temples in Japan are even older. Moreover, they have been doing incredibly well in terms of producing products such as ceramic, textiles, and porcelains, further fortifying the country’s cultural and socio-economic diversity. Despite the economic or natural complexities, the country has still managed to persevere it’s beauty.

Let’s look at some of the mind-blowing attractions that you shouldn’t miss on your visit:

Mount Fuji

A highly integral part of Japan that holds a significant position in art, literature, and even UNESCO, recognizing the mountain as a world-heritage site. As one of the most famous landmarks, the beautiful Mount Fuji (Fuji-san) is known for it’s signature mountain peak, creating a spectacular view for hundreds of kilometers out from it’s center. This remarkable landscape expands so vastly that it can be seen from even Tokyo as well. Many people also tend to climb the majestic mountain every summer to perform a pilgrimage, watching the sunrise from the summit.

Some decide to climb from the base while others do it from the halfway mark, making it almost a six-hour journey. Those who can do so are asked to leave in the afternoon. An overnight stop also comes in the way at Mountain Huts for some rest. Even if that all sounds like too much, you can always enjoy the incredible view from a distance or a speeding Japanese bullet-train.

Imperial Tokyo

The Imperial Palace consists of eye-opening 17th-century park enveloped by beautiful moats and walls. Although a significant portion of the palace is not open to the public, there is still a lot to see and enjoy. There is also an organized tour where the public explores the East Higashi-Gyoen Garden and other areas. There is also the Nijubashi Bridge or Double Bridge, one of the most famous bridges in Japan. It usually opens for special occasions or official state guests during formal celebrations. You also wouldn’t want to miss the famous Ginza shopping district. Not only the location of the most high class and high quality products and services in all of Japan, the Ginza district is also home to Kabuki-za Theatre consisting of only the most famous Kabuki performances. Moreover, the Shimbashi Enbujo Theatre has Azuma-Odori dances and Bunraku performances that are spectacular and traditional.

Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park

The entire world still remembers the horrifying incident of Hiroshima that took place in 1945. A considerable amount of people visit the site, consisting of significant memorials, monuments, and museums providing information about the infamous nuclear attack. Apart from the gardens having vibrant cherry blossoms, you will also see the beautiful Peace Memorial Museum. It consists of countless exhibits consisting of issues concerning world peace. At the main point of the explosion, you will find the Atom Bomb Dome and Memorial Cenotaph, as well as the Flame of Peace.

Should You Learn Japanese Before Going To Japan?

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Japan is an excellent choice for traveling as it has countless marvelous places that are worth visiting. If you want to make your travel experience engaging, knowing Japanese beforehand will enrich the entire journey.

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