Few Technologies Used in Online Education

Online learning is rapidly becoming one of the most cost-effective ways to educate the world’s rapidly expanding workforce.” – Jack Messman,

Online Education is considered biggest revolution in past few years in academics. We also had observation during pandemic period due to COVID-19. All departments, sectors also services adapting online medias and channels to proceed their workflow. In Education sector including School Colleges and Universities were emphasizing on online technologies to conduct classes and exams. However, students often found themselves struggling with their online classes. They were found searching, take my online class, because they couldn’t turn to anyone else.

Although students and teaching staff was confusing at beginning where systematic of education was transforming into online media and adapting different technologies to conduct classes and continue the academic years. Online Education is slightly different from Traditional Education while it including updated technologies and different technological channels, in few sections we are going cover some Technological platforms or online channels adapted by Online Education.


Google Classroom:

Teaching staff make use Google Classroom to create, distribute, and grade classwork, and pupils may utilize it to access and complete assignments. Classroom is compatible with other G Suite apps including Google Drive, Docs and Meet. Google Classroom may also utilized with ease by students, where Google is vast and easy platform, almost accessible by majority of population. Therefore this platform is widely used in online education which anticipate more to student and teacher as well. Students usually approaches online experts, where they make loud call for do my course to make it effective in consequences of online learning

Students can use Google Calendar to create and share a class schedule. Your students are thus informed of the course, its duration and the key dates. Therefore, sending your students the link to your calendar will be really beneficial, help you stay organized, which will encourage students to come to class prepared.

Use of Cloud Technology:

Cloud Technology is widely used nowadays due to its accessibility and data/information mobility. It makes great a impact on user for accessing digital resources from anywhere at any place. Cloud technology works as virtual space hosted by some platforms which stored files and information, so any of these resources can be accessed by user end.

These days, High Schools and Universities instrumentality are currently connected through net software package that stores information in the cloud. This suggests that each students have access to any or all information on the server. There are many applications and software used for cloud data sharing and file retrieving including Google Drive, Office 360 and many others educational apps, which makes so ease in data exchange for students who already familiar with these giants platforms.

Not only Student are ones who utilize from increased accessibility as a results of advances in cloud technology. Lecturers might currently save time once making and implementing lesson plans and put it on virtual space.

Gamification the Online Education:

The goal of gamification is to make one thing a lot of appealing by permitting individuals to own fun. Once done correctly, it’s the potential to greatly increase user engagement. In online education, gamification terminology can be used to encourage students to enhance learning power. It can do that by rewarding some points or badges for achieving the specified milestones or benchmarks.

Rewarding on Duolingo: The language mobile software Duolingo has made the difficult work of learning new languages more enjoyable. By using the app more than two days in a row, pupils can get their first Wildfire badge.

Use of Kahoot: Kahoot enables academics to quickly produce multiple-choice quizzes via a web site with a shareable link. This allows students to employ their phones for learning purposes, like getting into period responses to in-class questions. Kahoot is one in every of the foremost basic instances of victimization game principles to inspire students within the classroom.

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