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GFRP Rebar is high tensile strength. It is an alternative to steel reinforcement rebar. Nows a day’s Glass fiber reinforced polymer is used in construction. these rebars are more powerful and most used rebar. this rebar is used for better functionality safety, and economy of construction in civil engineering. these rebars are environmentally friendly. these rebars are used as replacements of steel rebars. these rebars are cost-effective and durable so it decreases the cost of construction and gives better performance compared to steel rebar.

The first hurts or shelters were constructed by hand or simple tools. initially, there were small things made like small houses, as times grew the requirements of construction increased and the new things comes in the market. then people started using woods for construction and made small houses and other things. bricks, concrete, and metals were also used in construction. to make something better you always need the best things.

The term construction is to build some concrete structures. The word construction comes from the Latin word constructio. Construction means building some things or piling up structures. The Construction is of buildings, roads, highways, tunnels, go-downs, houses, apartments, swimming pools, septic tanks, foundations, base slabs and industrial slabs, warehouse,  public works, railways, etc.

each thing has its own advantages, disadvantages, and characteristics. The research and development process never ends in every sector. A new and trending product is gfrp rebar in constructions.  Concrete is strong under compression but has weak tensile strength. whereas Rebar significantly has the tensile strength of the structure.

Advantages of GFRP Rebar

  • GFRP rebar is ¼ the lighter than steel and 2x the stronger than steel.
  • These rebars are cost-saving as compared to steel rebar reinforcement.
  • The best thing about this rebar is you can create it as per your length, width, and size. the benefit of custom size is you can easily carry this rebar from one location to another one.
  • you can easily install this rebar in construction.
  • This rebar are made of high-quality corrosion-resistant vinyl ester resin that increases the life span of constructions, buildings, roads, etc.
  • These rebars are low thermal conductive.
  • It is transparent to electrical field and radio frequencies
  • The density of glass-fiber reinforcement is only 1.9 Tons/cubic meter compare to steel rebars. it is 4 times lighter than steel rebars.


  • highways,
  • swimming pools,
  • tunnels,
  • Exposed structures,
  • mining,
  • dams,
  • septic tanks,
  • waterside walls,
  • transportation,
  • foundations etc.

steel rebars are uses to make the constructions. Steel rebars are the most expensive rebar for construction. though there is so many constructors that use this rebar to make buildings. steel rebar is heavy in weight so it is difficult to transfer steel rebars from one location to another one.

MRG Composite Rebar is the leading manufacturer and supplier of GFRP Rebar. These rebars are highly use for construction. MRG Composite rebars have specialization in GFRP rebars. our rebars are available for worldwide and more useful in the United Arab emirate and south Africa.

Steel is exposed to weather rusts and it reduces the strength of the structure. if steel rebars are uncovered then the strength of these rebars is decreased due to rust. steel rebars are not suitable for hot places like thermal stations, tunnels, etc.


as time goes new things come into every market we need to change as per time, we need to acquire the upcoming things. GFRP Rebar is a trending thing that is used in construction. these rebars are stronger than other reinforcement rebars. researchers and studies accept that the use of this rebar is required for safety, environments, and other factors. you need to think befor selecting Best Real Estate Developer.


hi i am karn manager at MRG Composite Rebar, we have specialization in GFRP Rebar.MRG Compoiste rebar is leading manufacture and supplier of GFRP Rebar.

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