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Gojek Clone’s Well-Thought-Out Features To Benefit Your Business in Nigeria

Gojek Clone

Gojek! This one word has taken the on-demand market by storm. The On-Demand Multiservices Gojek is popular amongst not only users but entrepreneurs as well. It is no surprise; businesses are looking forward to developing an app like Gojek.

Outline Of Gojek Application

Started its humble journey with 20 drivers in Indonesia, Gojek Application today is the best on-demand marketplace ruling in Asian countries. Therefore, if you are pondering the thought of launching the app in the places like The Philippines, Nigeria , Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, China, Singapore, Cambodia, Angola, Indonesia, Bhutan, where the such On-Demand Multiservices app are yet to get exposure.

Thus, it makes the best decision to launch in the region so that your business enjoys the monopoly.

Launching Your Gojek Clone App For Quick Profits

Like we all know, Gojek is a masterpiece on its own. The app has made its mark in not only states but countries. This multi-services app has been appreciated cross border and perhaps the reason why business owners are Ga-Ga over developing a Gojek look-alike app.

However, developing a similar-looking app like Gojek won’t make much of a difference. People already are using such apps so, how shall you make a difference?

It’s simple, offering something unique and engaging, and user-friendly. This can be in terms of features, design and navigation, services, and more. Buying Gojek Clone Script shall allow you to customize the app how your business demands it.

With pandemics already creating havoc and we have no idea when this virus era is going to stop, people are heavily relying on these On-Demand Applications for their daily necessities. Thus, this is the perfect time to launch a Newly Featured Gojek Clone App in Nigeria.

Let’s explore the futuristic features of the Gojek Clone App:

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Restaurant menu offering multiple toppings/options

The more the merrier, it is a profitable feature for those who are into food delivery. The feature allows the user to add multiple toppings to its order.

Let’s understand this with an example:

You are ordering a pizza hence this feature allows you to customize your order by choosing thin-crust or cheese bursts, as well as adding toppings like mushrooms, jalapenos, onions, extra cheese, and so on. Thus, the customize pizza will be charging slightly more than the usual pizzas. Therefore the restaurant owners get to earn more under this feature.

Free Delivery Promo-codes For Specific Stores

People tend to spend more over the holiday season, so offering free shipping promo codes can help improve sales. To attract more customers, the Admin can establish the “Free Delivery” promo code for individual stores. It’s a marketing/promotional tool that promotes the delivery companies that have signed up with the app.

Location-wise Pushnotifications / Ad Banners/ Promo Codes

It is another well-crafted, thoughtful feature that is aimed to bring your business profits and attract more users. How?

For instance, the store owners and services providers in Orange County, California wants to promote their products/services. The Admin will set the geo-fencing accordingly so that the users of Orange County can see the promotional msgs, notification, and Ad banners and take benefit of the same. They are tend to place more orders as these marketing posts are designed keeping in mind the target audience.

Are you seriously looking out to boost your On-Demand Multiservices Busines in Nigeria? Go for Gojek which comes integrated with innovative features that are rare to find in any other app.

frustrations of service providers, delivery drivers, and users. The features have been carefully considered to benefit everyone. Some of the main benefits you will enjoy developing an app like Gojek include increased brand visibility, increased earnings, increased sales, streamlining business processes, automating business activities, and reduced personnel.

In Conclusion

The Gojek Clone App is one hell of a multi-services solution that has got all the potentials to turn into the most successful entrepreneur in Nigeria. If you are looking for a way to generate revenue quickly and in hassle-free manner, connect with a Licensed White-Labeling company like V3Cube right now to launch your Gojek Clone App in just 7 business days.

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