How to Choose the Right Cordless Phone? A Complete Guide

How to choose the right cordless phone for you? There are many models to choose from with numerous features.

Some may wonder: What’s the point of a cordless phone anyway?

To make the process simple yet fast, we have created a step-by-step guide to help you find the right fit. We also highlight the important features and functions.

Why Should You Get a Cordless Phone for Your Business?

cordless phone 3 This fundamental question is closely tied to whether you have a phone line. The era of mobile phones and the decline in landlines is here. According to the CDC results, almost half of US households rely only on a smartphone.

A cordless phone will be of no benefit to you if your landline is gone. Multiple models we tested had a link-to-cell feature that can be used without having to connect to a landline.

These models can be used to make and receive calls normally made via your mobile phone. This is useful for those who have limited cell phone service. You can leave your device in that area and answer the calls from any other handsets.

There are many benefits to owning a landline if you’re still deciding whether to get one or not. You can call 911 for an emergency.

Your cell phone can use GPS-based methods in an emergency to locate you, but your landline number is tied to your address and your apartment number. This is especially important if you live within a multi-unit complex. Emergency services need to be able to locate you as quickly as possible.

Different types of cordless phones

cordless phone 1

900 MHz, 2.4 GHz, 5.8 GHz Frequency Models

Frequency refers to the frequency that the handset will use for communication with the base. These numbers might seem familiar as many devices use similar frequencies to communicate with the base, such as baby monitors or WiFi routers.

These frequencies can cause interference and have a negative effect on your cordless phone’s range. We recommend that you avoid any of these models.

DECT 6.0

DECT 6.0, or Digital Enhanced Communications Telecommunications, is the newest advancement in cordless phone technology.

These models use the 1.9 GHz, frequency band. They may also utilize frequency hopping within this range to reduce interference from other devices.

These are the most ordinary phones today, so we recommend you buy a DECT 6 model cordless phone.

This will give you plenty of range and minimize interference, ensuring that all calls are clear and uninterrupted. It is now time to follow our step-by-step guide to help you make your final decision. Now, you know about the major point “DECT 6.0” on How to Choose the Right Cordless Phone guide.

When Buying a Cordless Phone, Look Out for These Features.

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During our testing, we discovered a few key features and functions. It was a deal-breaker for us if these features were not available on any model. These features significantly increase the value of the phone, and we strongly recommend that you choose any of the best cordless landline phones with all of these features.

1. Illuminated Buttons & a Backlit Screen

It’s extremely useful to be able to use your phone even in dimly lit areas. It is possible to make a call at night or save the contact information. It is bad enough to be interrupted by a call while watching a movie, tv or show. Who wants to have to turn the lights on?

2. Handset Locator

The second major consideration on How to Choose the Right Cordless Phone is the handset locator. A cordless phone’s name can be a double-edged weapon.

An untethered handset allows you to move freely from the base station while still allowing the handset freedom. The handset locator allows you quickly and easily to retrieve the handset from its base. Locators that played a loud tone for a long time made our search easier.

3. Expandable handsets

You can purchase additional handsets. This is a great feature. It may be more convenient to place a handset in another room. The only models that allow you to expand your handsets are the ones that can.

People still have interest in buying for someone in their “golden years”. In this case, there are some additional features that they consider before before making the final decision. Also, the best keypad phones nowadays are again in trend as it’s a “too-low” investment.

4. Large Buttons and Hyphenated Calling

Larger buttons are easier to use and can be especially helpful for those with limited dexterity. Models that automatically hyphenate the number while dialling was also easier to read and more accurate.

5. Compatible with a hearing aid

This feature is fairly self-explanatory. While you might not use it right now, it’s a good idea to have it on hand in case a guest visits your home and needs it.

6. Caller ID Announce

All models tested had a very small font. Although the Caller ID Announce feature is great to prevent you from having to squint in order to see the screen when receiving a call on your phone, some may not like it.

Let’s now look at the top features we recommend everyone have.

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