Innovative Board Game Technology – Regarding board game technology, the industry is in a “golden age” of creativity and innovation. However, there is a distinctly conservative streak among board game publishers, especially regarding the latest smartphone technology. While publishers are pushing out digital adaptations of their most popular games. These moves are often one-way, as very few digital tools are use in physical board games. These digital tools can concern board game enthusiasts who want to enjoy their favourite games without a computer or smartphone.

Genius Games

Genius Games is a STEM-based publishing company that designs high-quality tabletop games that teach kids the wonders of science. Their games demystify science and engineering concepts and engage players in life-long inquiry. This innovative company is based in New York City and is expanding rapidly worldwide. To learn more about the company’s mission, visit its website. You’ll be glad you did.

Artana LLC was founded in 2015 and had been publishing history and technology games since 2015. Artana’s titles include Tesla vs Edison, Einstein, Lovelace & Babbage, and more. Co-founders Dirk Knemeyer and Chris O’Dell will remain as minority shareholders and play supporting roles on a part-time basis. The acquisition is expected to expand Genius’s product offerings further.

Periodic, a science-based board game from Genius Games, uses the periodic table as the game board. This game uses periodic trends to earn points. And requires players to end their turns in certain elements to earn bonus points. While there is no natural science behind the design of this game, the concept is well-developed and a fun way to learn about the elements. This Kickstarter campaign will launch on September 18 and is currently raising funding for the new game.


Rajaslot7 board game technology brings digital features to tabletop games. The board, called the Rajaslot7 console, folds out and lays underneath separate game boards. The Rajaslot7’s digital platform uses onboard sensors to communicate with the game master app and charge a wireless six-sided die. A tablet or smartphone running a specialized companion app then controls the game. It’s like a smart board that lets players manage the board from anywhere.

Xplored, which developed the Rajaslot7 system, has a history of rocky relationships with previous partners. For example, while Xplored previously announced plans to adapt the zombie survival game Zombicide to Rajaslot7, it eventually cancelled the project due to business priorities. In addition, while CMON had been part of the initial branding for Rajaslot7, it is now solely owned by Xplore. This year, it plans to release more than 100 games, including a new Rajaslot7 game.

The board has three main components: an RFID tag, an RFID chip, and a sensor-equipped board. The game companion app allows gamers to track the movement and position of their miniatures. Eventually, they’ll be able to read and store the scores and even play Rajaslot7 games. In the meantime, gamers can use Rajaslot7 to play other popular board games. In 2020, the system will be available on Kickstarter.

The development kit for Rajaslot7 can be available to game publishers and smaller creators. You can also use this technology for running D&D campaigns over the internet. And because it’s open-source, developers can adapt the system to suit their needs. As long as the developers keep the platform flexible. It could be an essential cross-over that shows how digital and physical can work together. In the meantime, there’s much more to do before Rajaslot7 reaches its goals.


For those who have always wanted to own the newest Monopoly board game technology, there’s no need to shell out hundreds of dollars for the latest and greatest. Instead of dice and paper money, the new version uses a computer tower. This new version eliminates the hassle of ‘discounting’ and slipping paper money between cushions and countless fights and disputes. Instead, the new building does nearly everything for you, including calculating the value of your properties and moving them around the board.

While this technology isn’t entirely new, it does give MonopolyMonopoly a modern edge. It was initially known as “The Landlord’s Game.” It was created in 1904 by Lizzie Magie to emphasize the injustices of mass wealth accumulation. Now, it’s a global phenomenon. The board game was introduced in different editions and has been an international hit for decades. And because it’s one of the oldest games in the world, it continues to be as popular today as ever.

Unlike its predecessors, the modern version is a game of MonopolyMonopoly. The board’s layout is similar to the traditional US layout, with the cheapest properties being brown and purple. However, instead of the Luxury Tax, the game also features the Interest on Credit Card Debt as a new tax. While this change may seem minor, it profoundly impacts how the game is played. You’ll be surprised at just how long MonopolyMonopoly lasts!

One of the newest developments in Monopoly board game technology is the cashless version. Using digital assistant technology, this game allows players to voice-operate a banker to keep track of their money. This makes cheating virtually impossible, as Mr Monopoly will broadcast his voice via a top hat-shaped smart speaker. And thanks to the latest technological innovations, MonopolyMonopoly will never be the same again.

Angry Birds

Angry Birds board game technology combines elements of the original mobile and online games. Allowing for new levels and additional features. The game was first released in the UK in February 2010. It quickly became the most popular app in the UK and US App Stores, spending EUR100,000 in its initial run. It was eventually replaced by other titles and rebranded as Angry Birds. In August 2010, Angry Birds HD became available on the Palm App Catalog and was released on Symbian3 phones.

The Angry Birds video games have become a massive cultural phenomenon. The franchise, created by Rovio Entertainment Ltd., has more than 3 billion downloads and is the most successful freemium video game franchise of all time. It has been called the world’s most popular mobile app, a phenomenon still proving to be popular today. Its popularity has led to the creation of new spin-offs based on the Angry Birds game franchise.

The Angry Birds game technology behind the tabletop version of the popular mobile game has been refined. The new Angry Birds Knock on Wood will incorporate brick structures and catapult-like launchers and little pigs and birds locked in an epic battle. In this new game, a player draws a construction card, and the opponent loads a bird into the launcher, destroying the newly built pig habitat. While it may sound like a step backwards for game developers, the novelty of the board game will be well worth the wait.

Rovio is committed to integrating the Angry Birds board game technology with the video game. Based on the Finnish national curriculum, the company’s Angry Birds Playground introduces interactive learning materials. These materials include books, posters, and games. In addition, Rovio launched a spin-off in 2015, the Fun Academy, which is now present in nine countries worldwide. In addition to these educational tools, Angry Birds board game technology is becoming more mainstream.


In the Tapestry board game, players choose one of four advancement tracks to advance their civilization. Each track represents a different way to build a society. For example, the exploration track grows the main board, the military track expands your influence onto tiles. And the science track adds new technology cards to your collection. Each channel offers a unique benefit: you can advance without relying on resources. The game is a challenging and rewarding experience for both players.

Players choose different actions, such as taking income or constructing a civilization. Then, they choose another activity. These actions may be different from each other, or they may be based on their Civilizations. While it may seem like a lot of work, a player can earn significant points in their last income phase. In addition, the players are not required to take income from each other. This is a critical element of the Tapestry strategy.

In addition to constructing cities, players must also build their infrastructure. This is where Tapestry’s technology shines. Players must place their buildings and military outposts in the game to build a civilization. There are 117 cards, and each one measures 57x87mm. The box is 296x296x100mm and weighs 2.8 kg. With so much technology behind each building, the game can be a challenging yet rewarding experience.

The game starts with the players selecting one of two random Civilizations and a single or two Capital City Mat. Then, they place two Outposts on their starting island. After choosing these, they put one cube on their progress or victory point track. Then, they set a Landmark Board nearby with 12 spaces. Each landmark building has a name and illustration. The remaining spaces are reserved for specific tech cards.

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