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Kudremukh Trek: A First Timer’s Guide


Kudremukh is a paradise that is home to calming cascades of falls, the canopy of trees, and diverse wildlife. Kudremukh Trek is a trek that offers views that are worth the effort. Masaja mı ihtiyacınız var? etiler masaj escort kızları yorgunluğunuzu ve stresinizi almak için sizleri bekliyor. The valley that is encapsulated by the grand mountains covered in misty clouds resides the 1894m high peak named after the place itself, the Kudremukh Peak. The third highest peak in Karnataka has its resemblance with a horse’s face as its name Kurdremukh defines in Kannada.

The trek to this peak is an everlasting experience to have. Being one of the most popular treks in South India amongst travelers and trekkers, this trek should be on your go-to list and can be an immensely great start for your journey as a trekker. Going out there as a trekker will surely test your limits, so here we have got everything you need to know for getting started with this amazing journey. 

How to reach Kudremukh 

Reaching Kudremukh isn’t an easy task for someone who isn’t aware of the route, thus one needs to be well acquainted with the information regarding the whole route 

  • Nearest Railway Station- Mangalore Railway Station (120 km)
  • Nearest Airport Station- Mangalore Airport (115 km)

Once you reach, You can travel to Kalasa either by your vehicle taking the route via Chikmagalur road leading you to Kalasa police station and finally to Kudremukh Entrance Point where it is recommended you park your vehicle and reach Forest office by locally available commute or you can book an overnight bus to Horanadu via Kalasa. The distance from Kalasa Police Station to Forest Office is nearly 7kms. It is advisable to reach the Forest Office as early as possible to get permission, as only 50 people are allowed in a day to trek.

The cost of entry to the Kudremukh National Park is 150 Rs and the Trekking fees are 200 Rs. You should reach the office by 6:00 am to get the permissions and begin your trek. 

The Trek Route 

The Kudremukh Trek is a 9 kms which usually takes 4 hours to cover. The trek begins from the Forest Office, from where you enter the Shola forest, covered with grasslands and tall lush trees, the trail will lead you to witness Somawathi Falls and small streams along the way. The trek is relatively easy for the first 2 hours as the ascend isn’t too steep. On your way, you may end up sighting the native wildlife as well. The trek will surprise you at every step as the view of the peak and valley gets more terrific. While going through the dense forest and streams you will reach the second Ontimara. You can rest and dwell into admiring the opulent beauty before your eyes under a tree and refresh yourself. 

The stroll through the forest may be muddy especially during the rains along with elevated water levels of streams, it is recommended to wear proper trekking boots, and watch out for leech bites that you may end up with while crossing the forest. 

The trek from second Ontimara to the peak is comparatively demanding as the ascend now is quite steep along with slopes. While every step you take uphill, wherever you will see is an ecstatic landscape you’ll crave to capture. This hour of the trek may exhaust you physically but the sight of Kudremukh Peak hiding within the clouds will thrill you to keep going. Another hour of the trek will lead you to the peak where you’ll be welcomed with a breathtaking view and enchanting silence that will make you surrender to supreme nature.

You can stay and enjoy a good meal at the peak after which you need to start going downhill. The route may be slippery and muddy, therefore you may slip once or twice while going down the hill. You should probably be at the base by 6:00 pm, so plan your descent accordingly. 

Things to ensure on this Trek

  • The trek is moderate, but it demands your strength and energy. The trek is for experienced trekkers and fits beginners under expertise. 
  • Camping on the peak isn’t allowed, you need to book a homestay and complete the trek in a day
  • You need to carry food and water which you can buy from Kalasa, you can refill your bottles from streams as well.
  • Do carry a raincoat, wear proper trekking boots as you may end up being a guest to some unpredicted rains during the trek.

Best time to visit 

Kudremukh Trek is best experienced during the monsoon period. The best time of the year is July-February.

Things to carry along

  • You must carry high-energy food along with some electrolyte water to keep yourself hydrated.
  • The first aid with an antiseptic and bandage is mandatory to carry
  • It is advisable to carry cash along with a valid ID
  • Make sure you carry a waterproof backpack.

Kudremukh Trek is a great weekend getaway from the city where one can spend some time in the tranquility of nature and explore themselves.

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