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Must-Visit Places For Children in Davao City

In this time of Pandemic, we all missed the fun and enjoyment for our children. 2 years till now, we are still experiencing restrictions from places that will let our children relax outside our houses. In God’s time, today, the IATF (Inter-Agency Task Force) has placed Davao City under alert 1, which means that children can be allowed to visit those places that have been imposing age restrictions and limitations toward their facilities. 


Davao City has many to offer these days that can help us, especially the children, to see the scenic places or activities that we missed out to check during the two years of Pandemic. To cut things short, these are the spots in Davao City that you “Must-Visit” and take this opportunity or advantage to let the children experience the Davao-Life once again. 




Thankfully, the management has opened its door once again for the children to experience and see the wild animals and activities inside Crocodile Park. It’s the top recommended place to visit since it’s already known as the best tourist spot in Davao City. The children will definitely enjoy the activities in this park since most of those rare species are nowhere to be found, meaning they can be engaged with those animals and take pictures as a remembrance while they’re still young. 


Not only that, but they can also enjoy the activities such as feeding the fish, ostrich, and especially that most awaited activity for children, which is the “Animal Got Talent.” I suggest this because it’s worth the penny, and at the end of the day, your children will be satisfied without any question. 



This place is also recommended to visit in Davao City. Although it’s located far from downtown, I’ll tell you now that it’s worth visiting this place. They have many activities prepared for you, especially for the children, such as zipline, horse riding, sky cycle, sky swing, and many more, that can be reasonable to exhaust the stress of living for two years in your houses. That’s a good deal, isn’t it? So if I were you, pack your bags and enjoy the adventurous offer of Eden Nature Park!




This place is a new tourist spot in the city. I bet that your children will totally enjoy the fantastic experience when things turn upside down. Even though there are no live activities inside the museum, those things turning in the opposite way will let the children pump up and realize how those were built or created. That’s why I highly recommend this place for your children. 



I also highly recommend this place because this is suitable for the children to enjoy. Most of their facilities are already complete, which means that you can feel at ease while watching your children play or jump on the trampoline. Not only that, but your children will also meet friends while playing, and join together to complete some obstacle course in this place. It’s also good for birthday parties and stuff like that. As a result, your children will be demanding a lot from you to revisit this place!




If you want to have another adventure near Crocodile Park, the Butterfly House is recommended for your children. Even though it’s a small place, you’ll be able to see the different types of butterflies that will entice them to enjoy. Also, they will be taught how butterflies transform themselves. I suggest that the best time for you to visit this place is in the morning so that you can see those never seen before butterflies coming out and actively flying in that place.


Children have been longing for fun and eagerness to play and enjoy while living in this new normal. With this, take these places on your bucket list while Davao City is placed under alert level 1. Although there are many places available for your children to enjoy, but do take these recommended places, and I promise you, your children will be satisfied.

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