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National Best Friends Day – Here’s What I Really Think

The time has come, my dear friend, to write that letter you’ve been putting off writing since this past Valentine’s Day – the one to your best friend telling her just how much she means to you. It may not be as romantic as an epic poem or as grandiose as the Titanic’s draw me like one of your French girls sketch, but I can tell you one thing it won’t be – lame.

1) Happy National Best Friends Day!

Happy National Best Friends Day! Instead of taking a day to celebrate our friends, let’s take a day to celebrate our friendship. Friendship is truly an underrated thing in today’s society. It’s one of those things that we tend to take for granted and forget to put value on, but there is nothing more important than keeping your friendships alive and strong. To remind you why your best friend is amazing, here are four ways that they make your life better every single day. 

 2) Thank you.

Thank you for everything. You’ve always been there for me, and without you, I would have lost my mind a long time ago. If that sounds dramatic, then just think about how many times we’ve talked through a problem together or just hung out and laughed about nothing at all. For those times—and so many more—I’m grateful to have you in my life. Happy National Best Friends Day!

3) Here are some ways you helped me grow

  1. You were there for me when I hit rock bottom 
  2. You always know how to cheer me up 
  3. You support my dreams and goals 
  4. You are my favourite travel companion 
  5. We have so much fun together 
  6. Thanks for sticking with me throughout thick and thin 
  7. You are an amazing best friend, I’m so lucky to have you 
  8. Thanks for being patient with me 
  9. Thanks for helping me learn new things 
  10. Thanks for inspiring me 
  11. That one time you gave advice that really helped

4) 5 Reasons Why I Love You

  1. Because we get each other. We understand each other and support each other in all we do. 
  2. Because of our history together: Through thick and thin, we’ve always been there for one another. 
  3. Because of how much fun we have: Whether it’s gossiping, laughing about things you made me do, or making silly faces at each other, we know how to enjoy ourselves! 
  4. You’re there for me when no one else is: Even if it means getting out on a busy road at midnight, you always help me when I’m in trouble! 
  5. You’re an inspiration to me: Seeing what you go through day-to-day helps me stay strong even when times are tough. 

Plus, just knowing that someone as amazing as you exists gives me hope! Happy National Best Friends Day! Hope your day is full of special surprises because I just wanted you to know that I love having you as my best friend. You mean so much to me, and although years apart only make us stronger because we feel even closer after reuniting, hopefully our paths never separate again! <3 Your BFF Always, Jane Smith

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