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Shower Baths – An Ultimate Choice For Aesthetics And Practicality

Shower Baths UK

When you face difficulty in making a choice between showers and baths, then a shower bath can offer you the ultimate solution. Simple standard baths have long been the most popular option for bathrooms in the UK. However, like it had a lot of advantages, there were some disadvantages as well. Taking baths was not possible in the mornings when going to work due to the short of time. It was a great utility for someone who wants to relax after a hard day out. But for anyone going to work and want quickly to get refresh was not possible. Many people started installing the showers in their bathrooms too. 

But it made the space congested, and many are thinking about the bathtubs entirely. The new trend of installing shower enclosures is also why people start thinking of getting rid of their baths.  In such times, a manufacturer came with a new innovative idea: why not introduce a bath that is a combination of both. So, people don’t have to get rid of the baths. That’s what led to what we see as shower bathtubs

Shower bathsShower Baths is a Combo Unit. 

With a clear background, it would have become easier for you to understand what was a need for such baths. In simple words, it is such a bathtub that it is a combo unit. That means you can use it as a bathtub as well as a shower as per your requirements. If you get its regular shapes, it looks the same as any other bath, but an overhead shower can be installed over it. So, on one side, you can lay down and enjoy the bath. While on the other end, you can stand and take a shower. These are available in various shapes and sizes that we will discuss later.

Shapes of the Shower Baths

Although initially, a shower baths was available in a generic shape, where the idea was to convert one end of it into a shower by installing an overhead shower. However, with time, various shapes were introduced. These brought utilities and functionality into the modern bathrooms. The most common shower bathtub shapes were as follows.

Shower Baths

  • Straight Bath tubs. 

    These are the simple standard baths in terms of looks. However, with some spacious baths and showers, these can be an excellent choice to use as shower tubs. These are suitable to install in the bathrooms where the space is along the wall or between the corners. If you plan to replace a standard bath with a combo of shower baths and have space issues, then it can be an excellent choice for you. 

  • P Shape Baths.

    Another great thing about these baths is that you can find them in various shapes. That not only enhance their utility but also makes them aesthetically pleasing as well. As the name suggests, the essence has a shape similar to the alphabet P. The round corner of such a bath is spacious and provides enough space for standing and taking a great shower. At the same time, the other side is suitable for taking a bath. Although these are excellent choices, you will need to have a medium or large bathroom to fit these best. P shape bath with a screen can be a great aesthetically pleasing and practical choice for a contemporary bathroom look. 

  • I Shape Baths.

    It is another popular bathtub shape that resembles the I shape. The one spacious end that is curvy is great for taking a shower. At the same time, the other side with the straight end is suitable for the baths. These are also suitable for contemporary bathrooms. At the same time, an l shape baths with a screen looks great while preventing water splashes during the shower.

Are You Planning to Install a Shower Baths?

Are you too planning to install a new shower baths? Then it is important to consider the space, size, and style you want to get. It is also important that the place from where you get the bath is also reliable. You can visit the Royal Bathrooms online store in the UK website to check the latest deals. It is highly likely that you can get high-quality bathroom fittings and fixtures at lower prices. 

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