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The best outdoor pavers and tiles that every home deserves

When it comes to natural stone pavers and tiles, there are abundant options available in the market. Why get overwhelmed with such a humongous variety? Here is a mini guide that highlights the best outdoor pavers and tiles that your home deserves. We have compiled a list of the six best natural stones for you to compare and think about.  

Granite pavers and tiles  

Granite has been on this planet for centuries. The reason it is preferred in building constructions is its hardness. Granite pavers and tiles are the hardest natural stone products known for their durability and longevity. The stone is resistant to chipping, cracking, or breaking and stays intact in the harshest of weather. No wonders why Granite is used in heavy traffic areas like pavements, driveways, patios, or walkways.

With proper installation and on-time maintenance, the natural stone is likely to remain undamaged for decades. The thicker the pavers, the longer their life is. Therefore, go for 30 mm in pavers and 20 mm in tiles. You can pick from a variety of colours from Granite pavers and tiles for outdoor. Be it bold and daring shades of black or balanced subdued shades of grey, Granite’s charm will stay forever.  

Travertine paving stones 

Travertine is a type of Limestone and often resembles marble. The only difference lies in the vein-like patterns in Travertine. The beautiful natural stone comes in warm and earthy colours. With unique textures, it looks timeless. Travertine outdoor pavers and tiles are durable and withstand wear & tear without breaking, cracking, or chipping. Travertine comes in a variety of finishes, that suit different applications.

Like unfilled Travertine with holes on its surface offers a countryside look to the paved surface, perfect for outdoor areas like walkways. Travertine pavers do not get hot in direct sunlight and remain cool outdoors. You can walk barefoot on your pool surroundings or patio without burning your feet. We offer Travertine Pavers in 30 mm thickness and Tiles in 12 mm thickness. Travertine outdoor pavers and tiles will make heads turn. 

Limestone paving and tiles  

Limestone is a versatile natural stone used across various applications. The pavers and tiles do not have a vast variation in their texture. They are more consistent and have flatter textures, offering continuity to the paved areas. Additionally, their durability and aesthetics are impressive.

You should consider Limestone pavers and tiles for your outdoor space because their slip-resistant feature makes the surfaces of the pool area, patio, or garden safe to walk on. Our Limestone pavers are available in 30 mm and tiles come in 12 mm thickness. Available in multiple colours and finishes, this natural stone is one of the best investments you can make in your property.  

Bluestone pavers and tiles 

Bluestone is one of the most reliable natural stones. With a rugged texture and stylish appeal, Bluestone pavers and tiles are ideal for outdoor applications. Being a volcanic rock that has hardened over the years, it is dense and extremely solid. The exfoliated finish of Bluestone pavers and tiles gives them great slip-resistance.

The grey stone with a pale blue undertone gives it a distinct look. Bluestone outdoor pavers, tiles, wall cladding, pool copings, and treads undoubtedly add a stunning appeal to entryways, pool decks, walls indoor floors, and more. Bluestone crazy paving and floor tiles have ruled the charts for a long time. Driveways with Bluestone pavers are currently a hot trend across Australia. 

Marble Tiles and Pavers 

One word that comes to everyone’s mind on seeing Marble stones is luxurious. And that is true. Marble is known for the lavishness it creates. The calming colors lend an unmatched elegance to every space they are installed in. Marble pavers and tiles are robust and have good density. Consequently, they are widely used in walling, décor trims, patio floors, alfresco, or walkways. Marble comes in off-white shades with a polished finish. This finish makes the stone slippery.

However, our Marble pavers come in an anti-slip finish, giving you safe surfaces to step on. Marble pavers and tiles at times tend to get corroded by acid substances or water and are not recommended for polluted areas. They are vulnerable to acidic solutions and stains. So, the light colour demands an immediate washing of stains. However, being a hard stone with less porosity, it does not need frequent sealing.  

Sandstone Pavers and Tiles 

If you need sandy beach vibes in your home, pick natural stone pavers and tiles in Sandstone. The sandy streaks across the stone’s surface and soft colours bring an old-world charm to your outdoor space. Remember the historic buildings around the globe? Do not hesitate to install Sandstone Pavers outdoors. Not only do they look charming, but they are incredibly durable too.

The weather-resistant stone is easy to work with and feels soft under feet. The earthy charm of Sandstone makes it extremely popular for usage in gardens, verandas, pool surrounds, and patios. They are easy to install and last long. All you need is proper installation and on-time maintenance. Make sure you seal the stone before installing them so that they stay protected and keep looking good as new for eternity.  

How to choose outdoor tiles?

Here is a list of factors that will help you to choose stones as per your requirement.


We advise the use of Granite tiles which are the most durable floor tiles. They last long without breaking, cracking, or warping. Travertine, Limestone, Marble, and Bluestone are also known for their strength and durability.


Granite is a desired outdoor stone due to its exfoliated or bush hammered texture. And, for the naturally slip-resistant and sandy, grainy texture, Sandstone is a perfect choice.


Bluestone, Limestone, or Granite, which are low-maintenance and durable. Travertine, Limestone, and Marble are acid-sensitive, and one needs to be extra careful while cleaning them with chemicals.

Weather conditions:

Travertine and Limestone are pretty long lasting and generally tend to stay cool outdoors. Hence, they’re ideal for locations with scorching heat.


Travertine in shades of grey, Bluestone in bluish grey, or Granite in dark hues is the new trend that homeowners have embraced.


There are many more natural stone products available in the market. We hope this mini guidebook will help you focus on the best ones that are the most suitable for your home construction.  

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