Tips to Ensure Your Suit is Perfectly Tailored

A perfectly tailored suit can completely transform your personality. You look great, feel confident, and people notice you as an attractive person. However, getting a perfect bespoke suit is no less than a challenge. Various issues like uncomfortable fitting, improper design, and more cause problems getting a perfectly tailored suit. 

For your help, we have listed the top tips that you can use to get a perfectly tailored suit. You can convey these things to your suit tailor and help avoid common mistakes during the process. So, without any further delay, let’s get started.

Rules To Get A Perfectly Tailored Suit

Ensure Proper Trousers Length

The trousers are important parts of the suit, but most people don’t pay much attention to them. The length of the trousers can make or break the look of your bespoke suit. As a general rule, go with the measurement in which the bottom part of the trousers is just brushing your shoes near the ankle part. 

If the length of your trousers is more, they look old-fashioned. Similarly, if you keep the length too short, it will disturb the formal look and elegance of the piece. The sweet spot is the length which is neither too short nor too long. 

In addition, don’t forget to hem your trousers. When the bottom edges of your pants are properly tailored with good finishing, it adds up to the overall appeal of the bespoke suit. As everyone’s height is different, a pair of trousers that is hemmed according to your height will look the best on you. 

Adjust The Waist Fitting

Most inexperienced tailors keep the jacket’s fitting loose around the waist area, which gives it a boxy look. It appears that if the jacket is not tailored according to your fitting. So, tell your bespoke suit tailor to keep the fitting slightly tight near the waist area.

However, don’t overdo it, otherwise, the suit will become so tight that you will be barely able to move it. Your goal should be achieving a comfortable fit. A good way of checking if the waist fitting is good or not is putting your closed fists in between the shirt and the jacket. If your fists comfortably slide in the gap, you are good to go!

Avoid The Collar Gap

Ideally, there should be no gap between the shirt collar and the lapel of your suit’s jacket. Your suit’s neck portion must follow the same line in which the shirt collar is aligned. If there is a gap between the two, the whole appeal of the bespoke suit is reduced.

It is advised to eliminate spacing in the whole part of the suit that surrounds the neck area. But a gap, particularly at the back of the head, should be avoided. A better approach is to make the tailor familiar with this common issue, in advance. However, if the suit is already completed, you can also get it altered by the respective suit tailor.

Pay Attention To Shoulders’ Fitting

The shoulders’ fitting of your suit jacket should be on point. If the jacket’s shoulder part is short, it will look weirdly small, as if it is not tailored for your fitting. On the other hand, if the shoulder part of the jacket is loose, it gives a saggy look to the suit, which compromises the suit’s appearance. After wearing the jacket, you should feel like it is gently hugging your body.

It is crucial to get your suit tailored by an experienced and skilled tailor. Because if the jacket’s shoulder part doesn’t have the right fit, it will ruin the whole suit. Also, the tailor can’t alter it to make corrections later on. So, it is essential to stitch the jacket with the right fit in the first place.

Rather than handing over the task to just any other tailor in your locality, make an online search to find experts in your area. For instance, if your location is Sydney, you can search like, best tailors for bespoke suits in Sydney, to get various results. Afterwards, you can choose one according to your budget and other preferences.

Get The Sleeves Hemmed Properly

Same as the trousers, having proper sleeve length is crucial to get the best look from your bespoke suit. Avoid long sleeves whose ends are touching your knuckles. Also, don’t settle for a length in which your shirt sleeves are covered entirely.

The best length for the jacket’s sleeves is when a quarter inch to half an inch of the shirt’s sleeves is visible. In simple words, the ideal jacket sleeve length is just slightly shorter than that of the shirt.

If the length is longer, the tailor can easily fix this by trimming the end of the sleeves. But, if the jacket’s sleeves have buttons and cuffs that you don’t want to remove, the piece needs to be altered from the shoulder area. As per your preferences, you can get an existing suit fixed or get a new one stitched accordingly.

Narrow The Jacket’s Sleeves and Trousers

As mentioned above, the loose and saggy fitting in any part of the suit looks weird and old-fashioned. For this reason, you should keep the sleeves slim and get the trousers tapered. This way, you can give a more personal look to the bespoke suit that is customised according to your body’s structure. 

Narrowing the trousers is a common fashion hack nowadays. But, when it comes to slimming the jacket’s sleeves, you will notice that not many tailors are doing it. But to provide an appealing look to your bespoke suit, you should not be hesitant of making the demand of slimming the sleeves. 

It is a little complicated to narrow the jacket’s sleeves because your suit tailor has to deal with the lining during the process. But, once the alterations are properly done, you will get a polished look in your bespoke suit. 


A perfectly tailored suit not only feels comfortable to wear but looks attractive as well. With the help of the above tips, you can get a perfectly tailored bespoke suit. By adjusting the waist fitting, avoiding the collar gap, ensuring proper trousers length, and more, one can get the best results in a suit.

However, to properly implement what you are conveying, choosing an experienced and skilled suit tailor is a must. It helps you avoid fixing the fitting and making alterations after the suit is stitched. Because an expert will implement things correctly in the first place.

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