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Types And Different Textures Of Weave Hair

Understanding weave hair

Women worldwide have had access to gorgeous thick locks thanks to hair weaves for many years, generating voluminous, ultra-glam hair. With the multitude of textures and designs available, a weave may, when done right, exude an ultra-feminine liveliness. Weaves surely give your style a new dimension.

At first, ladies in show business or the fashion sector were the main users of weaves, but today, women from all walks of life depend on them for their style. Choosing and maintaining the proper weave hair from the beginning is crucial to getting the desired look.

Let’s discuss various weave hair textures and weave hair types.

What is a Weave?

An artificial or natural hair extension sewn into human hair is called a weave. It’s one of the most affordable ways for the typical lady to have gorgeous long locks. Recent years have seen a rise in the popularity of weaves among black women. Once put, weaves can last for three to four months.

Weaves originated in ancient Egypt when Egyptians dyed sheep’s wool or human hair and applied it on their heads with glue or beeswax. In the ancient world, Cleopatra was well-known for wearing her hair in a peacock blue weave.

Types of Weave Hair

The market currently offers a variety of extension hair varieties. That is:

Synthetic Hair

They are referred to as these specifically. These man-made fibers, such as nylon or acrylic, are used to create synthetic hair strands. Many chemical processes are applied to make these fibers feel and appear like human hair.

They are comparable to real human hair in terms of texture, color, and styling options. Extreme heat for synthetic styling hair won’t work. One can tell the difference between artificial and real human hair by touching it.

Human Hair

This hair was obtained from a single donor and is natural human hair. The upkeep and maintenance are comparable to your real hair, as is the look and feel. Because human hair is of higher quality, it costs more money.

Virgin Human Hair

Virgin human hair has never undergone any chemical processing. This hair is from a single donor whose hair hasn’t undergone any chemical treatments for coloring or styling. The styling of virgin human hair is simple. The longevity of the hair will be ensured by proper upkeep.

Remy Hair

Hair with intact cuticles that point in the same direction is referred to as virgin Remy hair. Less tangling and shedding result from this. They come from a variety of sources. They can endure longer than a year if properly cared for.

Different Textures Of Weave Hair

When getting weave extensions, one can select from much textured hair weaves depending on the original texture of their hair. It’s crucial to pick the proper texture for your hair extensions because it will help you achieve a tidy, blended appearance.

Straight Hair Weave

You might wish to select a straight hair weave texture if your hair is naturally straight. The strongest and most resilient hair type, it has the most sheen. The hair is really sleek and virtually carefree. Your natural hair will nicely complement the weave.

Wavy Hair Weave

Wavy hair is not very straight or curly. It resembles a “S” and has a thicker texture than straight hair; it is curlier but not nearly as curly as coiled hair. This texture gives your hairstyle bounce and adds volume, body, and fullness.

Curly Hair Weave

The curly hair weaves are manufactured in two different ways: first, chemically, by perming the hair with various chemicals to produce the curl, and second, manually, by steaming and setting the curls with a hot iron. Due to their propensity for frizz and potential for drying out, these hair types will need particular care to prevent damaged cuticles.

Kinky Hair Weave

Kinky hair, also known as Afro-textured or coily hair, can be smooth and fine or coarse and wiry and naturally has a very dry, spongy texture. Straight from the scalp, strands produce very little zig-zag curls that are extremely tight and prone to significant shrinking. This kind of kinky hair weave is prone to tangling since it frequently has a very high density and is fragile. Because coily hair has fewer cuticle layers than other hair varieties, it shrinks when wet.

To fully appreciate this blog, you must comprehend weave hair, its varieties, and its various textures. All of the weave hair textures mentioned above are offered by Hair Factory and are made with premium human hair. Visit Hair Factory to see what’s available.


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