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Shinomiya Yuki is a 21-year-old man, who doesn’t have friends. He spends his lonely days working part-time jobs. One day, he comes back home from work and finds a strange man sitting in his room. The man has a knife stab wound. The man is taken to the hospital and he introduces himself as Shinomiya Yuki to a detective there. He also points to Shinomiya Yuki and tells the detective that he stabbed him. Shinomiya Yuki runs away from the hospital and becomes a fugitive. At that time, a mysterious woman named Zoka appears in front of Shinomiya Yuki and asks him to help her take revenge on the person responsible for her father’s death. Zoka is a Hiru, who stays at an empty house. Shinomiya Yuki stays with Zoka and they meet Kara, who is a legendary Hiru. Kara lives for his revenge.

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This is the top trending and most-watched drama on You can also read the reviews of the drama Hiru 2 (2022) on dramacool9. Listen and save the OST of drama Hiru 2 (2022) from Please leave a comment if Hiru 2 (2022) dramacool link or subtitles are not working. Main Cast: In Japanese Hiru means leeches but this title doesn’t refer to that disgusting small creature. Instead, the leeches in this drama refer to people who ‘leech’ off of others, and in this case, it’s living in their apartment while that person is at work or school. I will be adding to this list as we go on, there are still some key characters we haven’t seen after three episodes. The year hasn’t been mentioned but presume it’s 2021 and the month is July for certain.

The main ‘hero’ and what a depressing young man of 21 he is. Yuki works part-time as a cleaner at night and is such a quiet man who has no friends or social life. Plus it doesn’t appear as though he owns a computer, stereo, or TV, and seems he spends his days doing nothing. Doing nothing until his identity was stolen by Yobi, now the police are on his tail and Yuki is on the lam with Zoka. Ten years ago Yuki’s father killed a teen girl and is currently in prison. A year older than Yuki, she’s a Hiru and quite an efficient one as she has a list of seventy apartments she could stay at. Zoka is not her true name and as a child, she was abandoned by her mother.

An older man who turned into a Hiru adopted her and treated Zoka as if she was his own daughter, that is until he was killed by Zobi. He claimed to be Yuki at the hospital to the police who bought his story for a while and what a cruel young man he is. You can watch this show for free online on Dramacool.

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