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What are Different Cause For Male Infertility?

A lot of men go through the problem of male infertility. Also, according to the research, almost 15 to 20 per cent of infertility in couples is due to men. Infertility, in general, is defined as the inability to conceive by a couple; even after having unprotected sex for more than one year. There can be a lot of underlying issues and problems in men; which can lead to the problem of infertility in men. However, the cause for male infertility can be cured if the patient gets diagnosed in time. So, there is nothing which a man should scare and feel wrong about; as infertility is just a common problem like other problems like cold and fever.


Also, if you want to know all about the cause for male infertility in detail; you should read down the article to the end.

Symptoms of Male infertility-

Some common symptoms of male infertility are as the following. However, the only primary and obvious sign of male infertility can be the inability of men to get a woman pregnant. Also, some differences in male hormones can be seen by changes in the hair growth of a man.

When should I consult a Fertility Expert-

You should at least wait for a year before you consult a healthcare provider; however, in this period, you should try conceiving by having unprotected sex with your partner. But if you see any of the following in you, it’s high time to consult a sexologist in Delhi as soon as possible-

  1. If you think you have a low sperm count or suffer from other problems related to sperm.
  2. There is a history of testicular, prostate, or any other sexual problem.
  3. You have undergone treatment for cancer recently, such as chemotherapy.
  4. If you suffer from the problem of small testicles or observe swelling in the area of the scrotum.
  5. There are problems in your family.

Cause For male infertility-

There can be a lot of reasons which can cause infertility in men. Also, sometimes the cause for male infertility can be from birth, and sometimes it can develop much later. Some of the cause for male infertility can be as follows-

  1. Abnormal sperm production: There can be abnormal sperm production in men due to genetic effects, undescended testicles, or infections such as gonorrhoea or HIV. Sometimes enlarging of veins in the testes can affect the quality of sperm.
  2. Delivery of sperm: There are some sexual problems such as premature ejaculation, Genetic diseases, which can cause blockage in reproductive organs.
  3. Overexposure to some environmental factors- Some harmful chemicals such as radiation or pesticides; can affect sperm production. Also, over drinking and smoking may affect the production of sperm. Frequent exposure to heat through saunas and hot tubs also affects sperm production in men.
  4. Due to cancer- If you have been suffering from the problem of cancer and are getting radiation therapy and chemotherapy as a treatment, it can affect sperm production.

Treatment for Male Infertility-

The doctor generally asks you some questions before he tests you for infertility. This is generally done to learn about your sexual habits and behaviours, after which he gives you some effective remedies and treatment options. Infertility treatment can be pretty expensive, so it is better to check your medical plans. But also, after all the hassle and testing, there is no surety if you will be able to conceive or not. But it is worth trying to get effective treatment for your infertility problem.

Some tests to Check Male Infertility-

Some of the tests for the problem of male infertility problem are as follows-

  1. Semen analysis- The doctors may test your semen, for which they may require a semen sample which you can give by masturbating. After the clinical test of the semen, the doctors generally check the presence of sperm in it.
  2. Hormone testing- The doctors do a blood test; to check the amounts of testosterone hormone in the body.
  3. Genetic testing: These genetic tests are done to check if there is a congenital disability in the body that is causing infertility.
  4. Imaging: In certain situations, some tests like MRI, ultrasound or vasography can be done to get the exact images of your pubic area.
  5. Other testing- Sometimes, other tests can be done to check the quality of sperms in your semen.

Treatment options for male Infertility-

After carefully looking into your condition, your doctor may suggest some of the treatments. Most problems cause for male infertility is a lack of healthy sperm production. Thus, the doctor may advise you on one of the following treatments.

  1. Changing lifestyle– Generally by improving some of your old habits and adopting some healthy lifestyle habits; can be helpful to your infertility. Some of the things you can do are exercise daily, stay away from alcohol, and adopt proper eating habits.
  2. Medications- Some medicines can help improve the sperm count and can also be beneficial in inducing high quality of sperm.
  3. Surgery– In some conditions, surgery can be beneficial in restoring fertility in men. These surgeries are found to be extremely helpful in treating infertility in men.
  4. Sperm retrieval- In the cases in which men cannot ejaculate sperm at all, or there is no sperm present at all in semen. A surgical process can be used to retrieve sperm directly from testicles. And these sperms can then be used in assistive techniques such as IVF and IUI.

Take Away-

Many men go through infertility problems; however, if the problem is seen in time; the doctors can give you an effective treatment option for it. Also, all the men who feel shame and underconfidence in discussing these problems should know that these problems are pervasive in men. You can talk to a good sexologist and can get a perfect solution to all your sexual and infertile problems. If you want to speak to the best, then contact Dr Chirag Bhandari, of IASH, India. He is one of the best sexologists in India; also, if you need any more information about the centre or him. Check it out on “IASH India“.

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