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What Qualifications Do I Need To Be A UI/UX Designer?

In today’s tech-savvy busy world, people expect enjoyable, useful and gratifying experience that is fast, responsive and efficient. And this holds true even when it comes to any digital experience.

User Interface (UI) and User Experience Design (UX) play an imperative role in creating an astounding impact on the minds of the users, thereby determining consumer-level success of your websites and mobile apps.

What is UI & UX design?

The User Interface Design (UI Design) is concerned not only with the appearance & visual styling of an app, website or video games, but also includes developing its Graphical User Interface or Voice-Controlled Interface or Gesture Based Interface to ensure that the product interface conveys brand’s strength and offers the end user an unsurpassed experience when he navigates through the digital product. Furthermore, a UI Designer is responsible for enhancing the aesthetics in every possible way so as to hook the end user-be it the designing of each individual screen, pages, banners, icons & buttons including its arrangement on a screen, typography, colour schemes, images, interface animations, transitions and any other micro interactions etc.

The User Experience (UX) Design pertains to the experience the end user has on his complete journey with the product, web application or the website. UX Designer is responsible for building a convenient, smooth, pleasant, efficient, logical and intuitive user experience by understanding the target audiences, their preferences, their concerns, tastes as well as competition etc. He collaborates with stakeholders, UI designers & developers etc. besides building wire frames, Information architecture, prototypes and testing them to ensure a delightful user experience, thereby accumulating consumer loyalty and a positive brand perception.

Eligibility Criteria:

Undergraduate level:

Post Graduation:

Qualifications gained on completion of UI/UX Design course:


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