What To Do When Your Android Phone Doesn’t Charge?

Android Phone Doesn't Charge

Handling an Android phone is quite easy and fun. That’s what everyone thinks until they come across a technical problem. I mean just plug your phone into the charger and one or two hours later. Your phone will be charged. What happens when you leave your phone to charge overnight? Only to find out that your phone battery percentage is still the same and your phone didn’t charge at all. Your first reaction is probably frustration that you must have done something wrong. Like didn’t turn on the switch or presumably didn’t plug in the charger pin or charger into a socket correctly. However, when ruling out both cases regarding what is the cause of this mishap?

This leaves the majority of people panicking in that situation. But wait, before you let the fear start kicking and think the worst and rush to the near smartphone service center. You can easily save yourself a short trip and stop yourself from squandering your money unnecessarily. Today we are going to share a few tips and tricks on how to fix the Android phone charging problem. If you don’t want to go through the trouble of fixing the charging problem and want to buy a new one instead. Therefore you should sell old mobiles to be refurbished or repurposed.

  1. Reboot or Restart Phone

The first thing you can do is reboot or restart your phone. A normal connection issue can be the cause of this mishap. When you restart your phone it will shut down all the background apps and services. It will also refresh the core components of your Android phone. Once all these common glitches are resolved after restarting. Hopefully, your phone will easily pick up charging once again. If these simple inconveniences were influencing the entire hardship.

  1. Turn on the Safe Mode

If reboot fails to fix the charging problem? You can now move on to turning on your phone to safe mode. When you turn on the safe mode it will create a shield for your phone software.  Where only default apps will run and any third-party app you have downloaded will stop functioning. If your phone picks up charging in the safe mode? Then you have all of your answers. Because it was the recently downloaded third-party suspicious app that was causing the trouble in charging. If that is the case once your phone is charged remove every app that you think looks suspicious and then reboot or restart your phone. It will give your smartphone a fresh start to restart everything once again.

  1. Try Different Cable, Sockets, or Adapter

If you are still unable to detect the culprit. Therefore you need to change the tactic. Go try different sockets. Maybe the problem is not inside your phone, maybe the main culprit is a bad socket. Even charging cables and adapters stop working after some time. If you have a charger replacement at home try that one and you will find that you were worrying over nothing.

  1. Malware or Virus

When you are looking for the answers all over the place? You should look into your phone software. There are apps available on the app store that can help you detect the virus or malware and with its help, you can clean every new virus and kill it before it can attack your phone. This will help your phone to restart the charging once again.

  1. Water Damage

Even a few drops of water on your phone can create a massive problem for you and one of them is that your phone will stop charging. If your phone recently came in contact with water. However, it is still working perfectly and the only problem that you are facing is charging. We advise you against charging your phone in that case. First, you need to extract that water out of your phone. To do that you can try to blow dry your phone or put it inside the box of uncooked rice for a few hours. It will ensure that not a single drop of water is left inside your phone. Do not immediately plug in your phone, wait at least 24 hours only then try to charge your phone and see if it worked.

  1. Clean the Port

It’s common that when there are so many dust particles in the air some of them might end up inside your smartphone port and block the charging passage. To clean your port use a soft and dry cloth and gently rub it inside the port. Also, use a toothpick or SIM card ejector to clean the port holes. It will work like magic if the dust was the primary offender.

Final Verdict:-  These were some home DIYs that we have suggested for our beloved readers. But when all of these suggestions mentioned above fail. You have to realize that there is nothing else that you can do anymore. It’s time for you to use a good mobile repair shop near you and ask them to look at your phone and see what is causing the problem? It may end up costing you a few hundred but at least you don’t have to spend thousands of rupees on a new device.


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