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What Type Of Wall Planters Should You Get For Your Home?

Wall planters can be a wonderful décor item in any home. They are extremely popular all over the world due to their unique beauty. Having some beautiful plants in your home can change the entire energy and aura of any home, which is why people love having wall planters indoor for their homes. This works especially for people who wish to have a garden but can’t due to the lack of space. With the right wall planters, you can have a mini garden at your place, and the best thing is that they do not require too much maintenance either.

There are numerous choices for wall hanging pots online, so you can choose one based on your preferences. From wooden wall flower pots to metal wall mounted planters, you can find the perfect pick for your home easily. Here are some popular types of wall hanging plant pots that you can get for your home:

Macrame Cotton Modern Wall Planters

wall planters

If you want something simple yet extremely pretty, then macrame cotton planters can be the best choice for you. These wall planters indoor can lighten and brighten up any room with their luminous charm, and their simplistic structure will take your breath away. This is the best choice for anyone that doesn’t like something too flashy but wants to give their home a beautiful look. It can go with any kind of décor as well as a bonus point.

Earthen Wall Planters

wall mounted planters

Earthen wall mounted planters are simple and traditional. If we look into our culture and history, we would often find the earthen pots being used for various purposes. They act like a blank canvas that you can use to create almost anything. You can bring out your creativity, let out your views and create something absolutely stunning for yourself. It is the same with earthen plant pots. They can be used for decorative purposes and are extremely eco-friendly as well. They help to create a natural look into your home and is best suited for homes with a cozy ambiance and a traditional décor.

Multi-colored Plant Pots

wall hanging pots for plants

These wall hanging pots are extremely popular amongst people everywhere as they can bring a blast of color into your home. You can get multi-colored wall-mounted planters online with different designs and of different shapes-that, you can mix and match according to your décor. They have a fun, jolly vibe and can be a wonderful addition to any home. So, if you looking for something to grab the attention of onlookers, these wall pots are the way to go.

Planters with Floral Designs

wall pots for plants

Floral designs are extremely common when it comes to planters. They are fun, creative, and stylish. You can get them in monochrome shades or in multiple colors as well, based on your preferences. Floral patterns bring good energy with them, which is why they are so very popular. You can get both metal and wooden plant pots with floral designs when you look online, and you can avail the best rates as well.

Monochrome Planters

wall hanging pots

There is something extremely elegant and beautiful about monochromatic décor items. They have a very simple charm that can entice every onlooker. If you don’t like to have too many flashy decor items at your home and want something both simple and unique, then monochromatic wall planters can be a very good option for you. Pair them well with different plants and let their natural beauty take over your balcony or room in an instant.

Planters with Animal Shapes

wall planters outdoor

Animal-shaped planters are quirky and stylish and are often available in different colors and patterns. They can be a fun addition to any home, as these wall hanging pots have something jolly and unique about them. Their natural appearance is also an added X-factor, and the best thing is that they go with all sorts of décor. So, if you have kids in your home or just love animals in general-this is an option that you can go for.


Beauty can be brought into our homes in different ways, and getting a unique wall-hanging planter is one of them. With so many amazing options available on the internet, you can easily get your hands on some of the best pieces that can add to the beauty of your home instantly.

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