4 Sports Flooring Trends to Watch for


In the last few years, the demand for sports flooring trends has increased because of people’s growing inclination toward sports and fitness. People increasingly prefer multi-use flooring that can be used for more than one sport. Sports floorings have become more dynamic, durable, and safe for fitness enthusiasts and athletes. There is no limit to the customization options available for these floors to cater to modern sports facilities.

Sports flooring can be made in different sizes using different flooring materials to cater to the customer’s needs. One can opt for unique flooring for sports like hockey and football or general surfaces suitable for indoor courts and halls. Let us now talk about the materials used for making sports flooring.

Materials used for making sports flooring

Sports halls are generally made of timber, vinyl, or polyurethane. Around two decades ago, most sports halls had wooden floors, but due to recent innovations, several synthetic alternatives like PU and vinyl have become a preferred choice for sports floorings.

Polyurethane is widely used for making sports flooring in commercial setups. The cushioned element of these floors makes them unique. Another material for sports flooring is the EPDM rubber crumb, mainly used for outdoor basketball courts. These surfaces can also be used for children’s playgrounds or multi-purpose game areas. Vinyl is another material that can be installed over sprung floors to modify their elasticity.

The critical difference between regular flooring and sports flooring is the engineering that creates materials with higher safety for athletes. The type of material one wants mainly depends on one’s budgetary and performance requirements.

Difference between Sports Flooring and Regular Flooring:

What makes sports flooring different from standard flooring is its engineering, which reduces the risk of injury to the player and provides them with stability while playing. These floors can be absorb impacts and last for decades. Whether it’s flooring for a specialized sport or multipurpose sports flooring, they are designed keeping in mind the player’s safety, performance requirements, durability, use cases, and budget.
Sports floorings are jointless and have a seamless application. These floors are bonded with the substrate. The elasticity and durability of these floors make them ideal for players.

Four important Sports Flooring Trends:

  • Comfort and safety: The evolution of sports in recent times has created a need for cushioned, safer, and more resilient floors. These floors have shock-absorbent capacity to protect the players from joint stress or injury. With synthetic urethane, vinyl, and rubber, the sports floors are designed with an underlying cushion that minimizes injury and maximizes the players’ performance.
  • Easy maintenance:Sports flooring must be easy to clean and maintain to keep it in good shape. These floors are jointless, unlike tiles or wooden planks. As a result, these floors are not susceptible to any damage due to dirt or water. With proper upkeep, sports flooring can stay in good condition for up to 30 years.
  • Durability:With the latest innovations, sports flooring today is more durable than ever. These floors are highly resistant to scratches and cracks and can withstand extended foot traffic. In weight rooms, floors are specially designed to handle large weights. Rubber floors work perfectly for multi-functional weight rooms.
  • Functionality:Several sports floors have custom game lines to accommodate several activities and sports. Sports floors are constantly evolving to meet the standards of several activities that can be done on them. There is a growing demand for multipurpose sports floors, especially in schools and exhibition areas.


Understanding the recent innovations in sports floorings is essential to creating the proper flooring requirements. An ideal sports flooring should be easier on joints, prevent injuries, and provide stability to players. If you are looking for sports flooring in Dubai, then Duphill Technical Solutions is the right place to call.

We are the market leaders in providing sports flooring and industrial flooring solutions. Our sports flooring systems comply with EN14904 and DIN 18032-2, and our flooring is designed to minimize your maintenance costs.

At Duphill, we partner with the leading sports flooring manufacturers in Europe to offer our customers seamless polyurethane flooring. We guarantee to our customers the highest comfort levels. We provide sports flooring with a cushioned feel to ensure the safety of players.

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