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7 Business Applications of Artificial Intelligence Solutions

Businesses want to improve their overall function. However, there are limitations based on the technology available to them. Currently, Artificial Intelligence solution is a new tech that businesses are still understanding. However, just because the technology is new does not mean that the idea behind the idea hasn’t been in existence for years.  

Now, we have all seen ‘Jarvis,’ and let’s just say that technology that advanced is still a dream. But there are several businesses that can deploy AI ML development services to improve their operations. It includes elevating the healthcare, sales, manufacturing, and several parts of a company.  

The Concept of Artificial Intelligence Solutions  

Pop culture is filled with references to AI. While some art pieces show AI as a friend, several dystopian movies will make you believe machines are out to get you.   

Now, we are not anywhere close to the emotion-filled Wall-E or the crazy robots that want to kill you. Today, Artificial Intelligence solutions are being utilized in the business world to solve productivity issues.  

Companies like Google, IBM, Facebook, and many others are currently using AI in several everyday activities and are working towards exploring the overall scope of AI ML Development 

Business Growth Use Cases Using Artificial Intelligence Solution  

Businesses that want to improve their functions should consider investing in AI applications at the top.  However, to understand the potential of AI in changing how your business operates, first understand the various applications of the technology. 

7 Examples of AI used by companies to grow businesses: 

Use of AI in improving B2B operations & overall customer experience  

FedEx and Sprint’s Predictive Analytics  

Prescient investigation data can help customer maintenance. Both FedEx and Sprint use the data to determine the customers they are likely to lose to their contenders. They have reported a 60% – 90% accuracy in the results.  

Moreover, the conveyance companies can also predict the customers who will drop their conveyance.   

The company uses the information to enhance its campaigns for those customers, retaining them for longer.  

Use of Artificial Intelligence Solutions in B2C and Marketing  

Coca-Cola Leverages Data for Success  

Coca-Cola is among the biggest refreshment brands that collect massive data through billions of beverages they sell regularly.  

Coca-Cola has found a way to use the data to drive business decisions, leading to better overall sales. Their team used big data back in 2012 to cover social media, mobile applications, and eCommerce so that they could approach IT and business with correct insights.  

Artificial Intelligence Solution in eCommerce and Retail  

Visual Search Option in Target and ASOS  

Visual searches are an essential part of the eCommerce experience. Google and Pinterest were the initial companies to promote the service and make it more mainstream, and the biggest benefactors of it have been online stores.   

With the help of Pinterest Lens, Target offered to find almost identical products in the Target store with the help of a photo. ASOS offered an ASOS style match that worked in a similar fashion to Target. Users could snap a picture and search for similar-looking products online.  

Artificial Intelligence Services in Social Media  

Persado’s Emotionally Targeted Marketing  

Emotionally Targeted Marketing in social media relies on the distinctions of 15 feelings and 3 degrees of force. AI uses the data to determine people’s moods and then leverages the Facebook newsfeed promotions and force of words to convince users.   

Artificial Intelligence offers exceptional modifications that can address clients’ needs on multiple levels. Moreover, Persado can send coordinated campaigns that lead to better results.  

Ethical AI  

Google AI That Facilitates Social Good  

The use of AI in philanthropic work has helped in improving the proficiency of companies. Google is investing in technology to help create methods that protect against contagious spreads or predict natural calamities to take appropriate measures well in advance.  

Ethical AI aims to look at problems that people at large are suffering from and create viable and actionable solutions.  

Research and Development  

Artificial Intelligence solutions are among the most significant contributors to innovation. Technology helps build a deeper understanding of every industry with the help of a vast amount of information processed efficiently. AI has already contributed to several industries, including healthcare, finance, automobiles, etc.  

Many companies are attempting to create their own AI models from scratch in an effort to reduce expenses, yet this strategy may result in higher expenditures. To produce a brand-new model, you need to merge multiple technologies, and while you are not paying for one expensive technology, you are paying for several others that are less costly, but the prices add up.

The aim of using AI in R&D is to make the process more strategic and effective. Using AI and machine learning to research problems and produce appropriate solutions is a blessing. Moreover, AI can automate tedious tasks, giving enough time to discover more, improve products and services, and accomplish all tasks.   

Scientists use AI to make challenging calculations faster and extract extensive data with appropriate input.  

IT Operation of an Organization  

Artificial Intelligence is also contributing to IT operations. Companies use AI in IT to analyze log file errors and automate several routine processes. Several IT companies’ first experience with AI includes using technology for internal development.   

As IT systems are becoming more complicated with time, the use of AI in IT helps improve overall performance and services for clients. The AI for IT operations is known as AIOps. And companies use it to identify and fix any issues before the system stops working.  

Final Thoughts – The Extraordinary Force that is Artificial Intelligence  

Companies now understand the importance of Artificial Intelligence solutions to stay relevant in the competitive business spaces. AI technology can positively impact every aspect of your business, including the IT sector, operations, manufacturing, sales, marketing, and several others. Hence, it is abundantly clear that companies must invest in technology.  

However, it is also essential for businesses to find the appropriate AI/ML development company for the job. MoogleLabs offer AI development services that encompass a range of solutions for businesses. Get in touch to improve your operations for the better.  

Our experts will provide suggestions, a complete budget, and exceptional services.  

Start your journey for a bright future today! 

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