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All You Wanted To Know About Apprenticeship

About the importance of apprenticeship

The word ‘apprenticeship’ is a variable noun. It is a position as an apprentice. It refers to an arrangement in which a person learns a skill by working under another for a fixed period.

Put another way – it is a mutual agreement between two people. In it, an attendee learns an art from a master who instructs the former for a set time under set conditions. Please continue reading as we cover different aspects of apprenticeship in this article.

Content of this article –

  • About the importance of apprenticeship
  • Difference between apprenticeship and internship
  • Top industries for apprenticeship
  • Benefits of Apprenticeship for an employer
  • Benefits of Apprenticeship for an apprentice
  • The future of apprenticeship
  • Conclusion

About the importance of apprenticeship

An apprenticeship is an exciting option for both an employer and an apprentice. For an attendee, it can be a great career choice after education. By joining these structured programmes, one gets an opportunity to gather the necessary skills and knowledge they need to succeed in their chosen industry.

A meaningful and strategically developed apprenticeship program can create a solid foundation for their steady future career growth. An employer can benefit from an apprenticeship program hugely too.

Rightly so, since they get skilled people who can meet the evolving demands of the industry and they can receive financial support from the government for the training.

Diff between apprenticeship and internship

Both internship and apprenticeship provide hands-on training opportunities, but they differ significantly in certain aspects.

Apprenticeship Internship
Long term (could vary from half a year to one year and more) Short term (usually 1-3 months)
Structured training program aiming to help one gather specific demanding skills Many not necessarily be structured. Aims to equip one with entry-level job skills
Includes mentorship in which an attendee receives thorough guidance from an expert May or may not include mentorship
Paid experience that may lead to a full-time employment opportunity May or may not be paid. May not result in steady employment
Can be pursued by students at different stages of their education Mostly for college students and graduates

Top industries for apprenticeship

The apprenticeship programs have always been popular because of their inherent benefits. Nearly all the evolving industries often introduce these programs to skill up new people and fill the employment gaps. No matter the industry – food processing, IT, engineering, finance, automotive, design and more – these programs are here to stay and will continue to supply a skilled workforce for overall economic growth and social development.

Benefits of Apprenticeship for employer

  • Apprenticeship allows companies to nurture talents. The programs can be geared towards benefitting the company in the long run. Attendees will gather the knowledge and expertise they need to excel in the fields a company specializes in. As a result, a company can source future leaders and managers from within without looking around for help recruiting fresh or new employees.
  • These programs can also increase staff loyalty and retention. An attendee of a program or apprentice should remain committed to the company goals. They are likely to be highly motivated. By joining such a program, they can get better clarity about their prospects and think seriously about the future, possibly within the ambit of the company.

More benefits –

  • Enhance productivity and bottom line
  • Receive financial support from the government. For example, National Apprenticeship Promotion Scheme (NAPS) is a new scheme of the Government of India for employers to promote apprenticeship.

Benefits of Apprenticeship for apprentice

An apprentice is a person who learns a skill from a skilled employer, having agreed to work for a set time at a set wage. Some of the top benefits they get by attending an apprenticeship program include –

  • Gain hands-on experience in your desired field. An attendee gets a competitive edge because trained people are greatly sought after in all industries.
  • Learn and earn. Build up your industry skills and at the same time get paid for the time you invest in skilling yourself.
  • Get a chance to network with others, thereby creating a solid foundation for a professionally successful career.

The future of apprenticeship

According to an Economic Times report, more companies are now willing to pay higher wages to apprentices.

Such programs have been here for a long time. Thankfully, they are constantly getting better with introducing new learning methods and strategies. And given the rise in their popularity and the immense benefits they offer, they will continue to stay.


NAPS (National Apprenticeship Promotion Scheme) gets a special mention when it comes to an apprenticeship. If you are looking for naps scheme details, naps scheme certificate, naps scheme registration and other related information, you can visit website now!

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