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Cost of opening VAT number: What factors does it depend on?

Having clear ideas, especially as regards the cost of opening a VAT number, is certainly a plus for anyone who aspires to become a successful entrepreneur (or freelancer).

Starting a business involves taking on great responsibilities and, sometimes, even some risk. Merkezi konumdaki bu semtimizde bağcılar bayan escort bulabileceğiniz, kullanımı kolay web sayfası.

For this reason, we can only advise you to act with the utmost caution, carefully evaluating both the amount of the initial expenditure and the expected revenues for the first periods.

Only in this way is it possible to reduce the “business risk ”, keeping it at an acceptable level, and avoid missing the desired objectives.

So, what does the cost of opening a VAT number depend on?

How to make an accurate forecast of fiscal expenses?

If all of this is causing you apprehension or if you are unsure about it, here are some things you need to know!

I asked the friends of Fiscozen for help (of whom I spoke in the article Fiscozen Reviews ) to create a guide dedicated to those who are inquiring about the costs for opening a VAT number!

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Cost of opening VAT number: what does it depend on?

To determine the cost of opening a VAT number, first of all, you need to know the characteristics and classification of the activity you want to undertake: free profession, trade, or crafts?

Freelancers – eg. lawyers, doctors, journalists, and, thus, many other figures – adopt a “simplified” procedure to open the VAT number.

For them, it is sufficient to submit the Model AA9 / 12 through the website of the Revenue Agency and wait a few hours to receive all the data.

Artisans and traders – classified as ” sole proprietorships ” – must instead resort to a telematic practice called ComUnica, which allows them to carry out, with a single operation, all the fiscal and bureaucratic requirements necessary to start working activities.

Through the ComUnica, therefore, they ensure not only the activation of the VAT number but also the registration of the new company in the Register of Companies and the opening of INPS and INAIL positions (the latter only when requested).

Together with the procedure to follow, the cost of opening the VAT number also changes: from a minimum of about 200 euros for freelancers, up to 600 or even 1,000 euros for sole proprietors, with possible fluctuations in rates depending on the geographic area.

Although the activation of the VAT number is free for the former and the expenses related to the ComUnica (e.g. chamber and secretarial fees, stamp duty) are around 150 euros for the other categories, it is always necessary to estimate the compensation requested by the intermediaries.

How to save on opening the VAT number?

At this point, however, a question arises: are there “alternative” ways to save on the cost of opening a VAT number?

In other words: if the fee of tax consultants is so high, especially in large cities and in certain regions of Italy, is it possible to proceed independently? Or, better still, using a different solution?

Unfortunately, when dealing with highly complex issues, such as those related to taxation, “do-it-yourself” is never a wise move.

  • Identify the correct classification,
  • define the ATECO Code to be associated with the VAT number
  • choose the tax regime that offers the most benefits

it is certainly not an easy thing.

Even a single mistake at this stage can jeopardize the future development of the business.

That’s why according to Fiscozen, expert guidance is often a must.


anyone who wants to give himself up to the free profession or throw himself headlong into the world of entrepreneurship,

despite not having a large budget,

can find the right compromise between safety and savings.

The solution we are talking about, in fact, has allowed many young people (and not so young people) to start taking their first steps in peace, certain of receiving the best low-cost assistance for the opening of the VAT number, including those steps that deserve special attention.

We refer to “ telematic accountants ”, that is to 100% innovative and digital services, which represent a real “alternative in version 2.0” compared to the traditional figure of the tax consultant who receives in the office.

Online VAT registration services

Among the best known, for example, there is Fiscozen, a platform dedicated to the management of the VAT number, able to cover every need of its subscribers:

The services offered include:

  • The handling of the numerous formalities expected over the months
  • Calculation of taxes and contributions
  • The preparation of the F24
  • The monitoring of receipts and expenses

and much more.

Furthermore, for those interested in starting a new business in a short time, the cost of opening a VAT number, with Fiscozen, is zero for free-professional insurance  activities.

On the other hand, for those in the trade or craft sector, there is only an initial cost of 200 euros + VAT, including registration with the Chamber of Commerce and, where required, sending the SCIA.

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