Features and Benefits of React JS

React JS is a declarative and flexible JavaScript library, useful for building user interfaces. In addition, it is a component-based approach is a component-based approach that makes the code reusable as your need. It facilitates great performance which makes it much better than other frameworks out there today.

Features of React JS

React JS is a very simple platform that uses JSX files to make the application simple to code and understand. It manages a virtual DOM which is a cross-platform programming API that deals with HTML, XML, or XHTML. Furthermore, it has many extensions that are useful for creating full-fledged UI applications. To further know about it, one can visit React JS Training in Gurgaon. Here is the list of some of the unique features of React JS.

  • JSX– It refers to JavaScript XML and it is a JavaScript syntax extension. This is an XML or HTML-like syntax that is processed into JavaScript calls of React Framework. JSX makes codes easy and understandable and it is easy to learn if you know HTML and JavaScript.
  • Components– This platform is made up of multiple components with each component having its logic and controls. Furthermore, these are reusable and useful in maintaining the code when working on large-scale projects. The component logic is written in JavaScript and it makes it easy and run faster and can be reusable.
  • One Way Data Binding– React follows a unidirectional data flow and it provides you a better control throughout the application. Within the React JS framework, the data flows in one direction only i.e., from parent elements to child elements. It uses the flux pattern to keep the data unidirectional and makes the application even more flexible. Thus, resulting in increased flexibility.
  • Virtual DOM– This object is the representation of the real DOM that works as one-way data binding. React JS re-renders the entire UI in virtual DOM representation, whenever any modifications happen in the web application. After that, it checks the difference between the previous DOM representation and the new DOM, and then the real DOM will update only the things that have changed.

Benefits of Using React JS

React JS is easy to learn and use the platform and it comes with a good supply of documentation, tutorials, and training resources. Unlike other platforms, learning React only requires a basic knowledge of HTML and CSS fundamentals. It comes with great developer tools useful for designing and debugging new technologies. In addition, it consists of pre-built functions useful for creating fast, appealing, and scalable projects in less time. It uses plain JavaScript which makes it very simple to learn, build and support. Thus, you can enrol yourself within the best React JS Training Institute in Noida to scale your career Apart from these, given below are some of the benefits of using React JS.

  • It is composable– Composable means the ability to combine parts or elements to form a whole. In React JS we can divide the codes and put them in custom components. After that, we can use these components and integrate them into one place.
  • It is declarative– It has a declarative DOM useful for making interactive UIs by changing the state of the component. React takes care of updating the DOM according to it and makes it easier to design UI and debug them.
  • Write once, learn anywhere– It eliminates the need for re-writing the same code for developing new features. This approach allows developers to create IOS, Android, and Web applications simultaneously.
  • SEO friendly– SEO helps developers in making it easier for developers to find the right content for the user. React gives a Single Page Application that requires JavaScript to show the content on the page. This affects SEO.

Career Opportunities in React JS

Here are a few job opportunities you can explore after learning React JS.

  • React JS Developer– They need to create interactive UI predicting and debugging code. Furthermore, they need to work on JSX to create newer codes without rewriting them.
  • MERN Developer– These professionals are responsible for writing effective APIs, and creating security and data protection settings.
  • Full Stack Developer– They are web developers with digital entities’ front and back ends. They should have expertise in computer programming, UX design, client communication, and project management.


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