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How Can You Use Pastel Shades in Your Home Interior Design?

Colors play an important role in making or breaking the interiors of any house. The choice of color in a home interior design defines your taste and personality. You will be amazed to know that colors even have a direct impact on your mood. They can make you feel irritated, happy, calm, angry, and whatnot. So choose the shades in your home interiors wisely. 

Throwing light on pastel shades

In the modern era people like pastel shades over bright tones. The pastel palette is not only appealing but also adds a classy touch to the interiors. In the field of interior designing, pastel hues are symbolic to minimal or balancing effects. They try to avoid the strong chromatic effect. 

Some shades give you the impression that there is no color in the ambience because they are so soft. These shades include pista, mint, peach, beige, ivory, lavender, and shades of whites. These shades can be used as extra shades because they act as softeners or act as the equalizing shades when some bold shades are used in the environment. These shades also help to achieve contrast and soothe down the effect of brighter shades. For example, you might consider ivory as an undertone of yellow but this shade rules the walls of modern houses. 

The pastel effect

If you choose a pastel shade theme in your home interior design, you can experience the feeling of relaxation, calm, and comfort. You might think that pastel colors are mild but you can create contrasts and visual interest by going for a combination of bright and soft shades. 

In case you have a design of pastel shades, you can use different hues of the same color to create an interesting and sophisticated effect. Here are some ways that can help you create a good combination of soft and bright shades-

  • Go for a lighter shade for the walls and complement with dark upholstery.
  • Choose a carpet that is of darker shades than the walls. This will help the furniture to stand out.
  • In case you prefer pastel shades, start the look with pastel walls.
  • Pick shades of beige for horizontal surfaces which helps in achieving a look of a better or bigger area. 
  • You can add interest to the surface by bringing in beige or metallic versions of cushions. Even mild copper looks great.
  • In case you wish to have an art wall or display pieces from world travels, then a white wall acts as a perfect backdrop.
  • Pastel shades also help furnishings and accessories to stand out.
  • Go for a combination of hades so that you can blend all the elements together and give a harmonious look.
  • If you wish to make your house look bigger, choose soft shades because darker shades for walls make your house look smaller. 

Role of lighting while choosing the perfect hues for your interiors

You might have noticed some people go out into the sunlight when they want to check the actual color of the fabric. Sunlight tends to offer the right color saturation and rendition. Natural lights enhance your interiors, so when you choose colors for your home, consider the direction of natural light. 

  • The shades that are on the darker side look more dark while light shades are subdued.
  • As the day progresses, there is a tint effect in the rooms. So, cheerful yellow, fresh greens, and soft blues look nice.

Other than natural light, you can even glam up the interiors by placing artificial lighting. These lights not only look amazing but also add more life to the pastel hues. A white wall with a throw of warm light is nothing but a soothing site to view. In case your house has a pastel theme, add more artificial lights so that the entire house glows and looks refreshing.

To conclude

To make your home interior design unique, go for the right palette of hues. You can even go for a combination of light and bright shades. Some rooms might have bright shades, especially kids’ rooms or you can go for an even tone in the entire house and add colors throw accessories and lighting. Also, lightings play a very important role in the way you perceive colors in your home. Both natural and artificial lighting can change the entire look of the color. So, while picking up the shades, test how do they look in case the surroundings attract light. This will make your decision fast.


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