How to change the battery on your Lenovo laptop (easy tutorial)

change the battery on your Lenovo laptop

Changing the battery on some computers is as simple as flipping it over and pushing it out to remove and replace the new one.

However, in others, it seems to be more complicated since you have to open it completely. And reach “the guts” to be able to remove the old one and insert the new one, which is the case with many Lenovo laptops.

Important points

This discourages many people from replacing it, so either they pay for the battery together with the labor to a specialized technician. They always have to be plugged into the network to be able to use the computer since, with time, the computer only lasts a few minutes of autonomy.

However, if you do not want to pay for labor (which can range between 30 and 40 euros, depending on the technician or company) and having to always be plugged into the network is not an option, you can follow this tutorial to change the battery of your Lenovo laptop.

Although it seems somewhat complicated, it is actually very simple.

if I have been able to, I am sure you will too. replace your Lenovo battery

Step by step to change the battery of your Lenovo laptop

The battery in many Lenovo laptop models is “trapped” inside the computer. This forces us to open the casing and reach inside to be able to release it and insert the new one. It can give vertigo and respect to those who are not familiar with technology,

 however, with care, patience and in a few minutes, you can do it yourself if you want to save the expense of a technician. It is not as difficult as it may seem.

Flip the computer over and remove all the screws you will see on the bottom. You will need to use a small Phillips screwdriver. Avoid using the pick of a knife or other pointed tool as this could damage the screw heads and prevent them from coming out.

Step By Step

change the battery of your Lenovo, step 1

Next, unscrew the screws on the CD drive and remove them.

hange the battery of your Lenovo, step 2

What we are trying to do is free the lower case of the computer to reach the place where the battery is located in order to unhook it and put the new one.

However, it is not enough to remove the rear screws. there is another screw that we must remove and that is a little more hidden. Therefore, you have to turn the computer over and open the lid. The screw that we have to remove to be able to remove the casing is located under the keyboard.

In order to access it, we must lift the keyboard very carefully. The most advisable thing is to introduce a special tool for keyboards or mobile phones that helps to pry and remove the tabs that join the keyboard with the structure of the computer.

In my case, I had a similar tool, an extra-fine file that I was able to insert into the keyboard. Although it is not the most recommended, it was practically the same as the tools used in mobile phones and computers.

change the battery of your Lenovo, step 3

Once you remove the keyboard, be careful not to pull too much on it since it is attached to the bottom of the computer, you can remove it slightly without having to remove the cable that connects it to the computer and thus reach that lucky and hidden last screw.

Carefully place the keyboard in place, without actually fitting it, and turn the computer over to, now, remove the entire lower case and get to the battery. You will see that it is hooked to the system by means of a cable. You just have to pull carefully to remove it.

change the battery of your Lenovo, step 4

Once the old battery is freed, you still need to remove two more screws to remove it, and then put the new one in its place. Grasping it with the screws and hooking the cable in place.

change the battery of your Lenovo, step 5

Now you just have to put everything back in its place: screw the bottom cover.

Put the screw under the keyboard fit it again insert the removable CD drive and screw it.

Tips: When you open the computer, you will see that there is a lot of dust trapped inside. All that dirt that is introduced through the grids. Makes your computer slow down, overheat and the fan can not do its job well.

Take the opportunity to remove it using a soft-haired brush.  a soft-haired brush. Do not try to clean it with a duster or cloth.

As it could catch on the circuitry and damage it.

Final Words

Note: do not throw away the battery that you have removed. You will find a suitable container for this type of component. The collection point in your city since they are polluting.

Once you have changed the battery of your Lenovo laptop. you will see how it seems to work like the first day and you can have a range of several hours without having to plug it in. it ideal if you want to take it down to the pool to work a little, put it on your children in travel by car or move around the house with him.


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