How To Clean The Lenses and Filters Of Your Camera

Nobody likes to have a dirty camera lenses and filters. It is so painful if you are on your way home and downloading your pictures to the computer and then realizes from the spot on your photos that your filter and lens was full of dirt and dust.

Dirty optics will and can affect the picture quality

If you do not know how to clean the lenses of your camera, you will spend lots of more time trying to clean and to edit the images from those annoying dirt spots on your sensor or lenses. You may save yourself from that time and possibly save also your gear when you immediately deal with dirt and then learn how to properly clean them.

Here are some helpful tips on how you can do it.

  1. Pay attention if you are cleaning the camera lens

  • Initially, keep things simple and be sure that you will learn how to properly the camera lens and will extra take care of your camera without harming it.
  • For this cause, it is recommended that you should not clean the gear that usual. Especially with the use of chemicals. The lenses and filters of your glass are durable, but through using chemicals you endanger harming its resistance and make it more open to scratches.
  • Get away from any chemical that is not the dedicated lens cleaning mixture. And even then, it is advisable to use it sparingly.
  • Dirt and dust will just be normal if you are going to especially use your gear when you travel or when you use it outdoors. The dust is everywhere that it can get inside and onto your lens.
  1. Store the gear safely

Finding out how to properly clean the camera lens will be useless when you do not store and handle your gear in the safest way.

The best use of the lens caps is when you store the lenses and give some attention to it. If you attach the lenses to the body of the camera body, it may decrease the dust amount being collected, particularly in the rear part of the lens.

For a bit of dust, there and here, you do not need to clean the lenses. Oily fingerprints and smudges though are one more type of issue. They will really cause the image to become blurry and then lose the quality.

How to properly clean the lenses: The Best Technique

When you are using a brush or a cloth, be sure that you the glass in concentric circles. Doing so will decrease the chance of leaving streaks.

Try on moving the impurities away from a lens core to the edges. In that way when some of the particles are not taken out, the image will not suffer that much and it will be simpler to edit.

Do not apply that much pressure if you are wiping, just enough in removing the impurities and avoiding the damage of the filter and lenses.

Cleaning kits

You need a cleaning kit. Filters and lenses are costly tools and they can do the best job when you keep on taking care of it. The two suggested cleaning kits are:

  • Altura Professional Cleaning Kits
  • CamKix Professional Cleaning Kits

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