How to Increase Patients Through Dental Email Marketing

A successful email marketing strategy is a crucial aspect of any online dental marketing campaign. Using an effective email marketing plan is a great method to keep current patients engaged  earn referrals for new patients. As a result, email and dental design marketing have shown to be incredibly effective in boosting patient conversion rates and, therefore, income generation.

However, it may be a heavy burden. It’s simple to compose an email, edit it, then press the send button with a sigh of relief. 

Know Who to Email Using Patient Segmentation 

With patients, it’s not enough to just send them a few basic emails from time to time. Email dental marketing campaigns for dentists may be very effective if they use patient segmentation to offer content personalised to specific groups of patients. Using this dental marketing approach has altered dental email marketing over the last several years, making it more relevant to dental practices and their marketing needs. With the PBHS Secure Email Platform, you can ensure that your dental office’s communications are efficient and streamlined. It’s important to segment your practice’s email contact list so that you may create logical groupings based on similar traits.

Work with a dental market expert who can crunch numbers on your behalf. 

  • Data about demographics such as age, race, and gender
  • Based on where your patients are located
  • Based on opinion, values, personality, and attitudes; psychographics is distinct psychological features.
  • A patient’s patterns of behaviour and behaviours as they relate to your practice are the basis for this kind of review.

When it comes to creating new subgroups for market segmentation, observing behavioural trends may be really helpful.  patients with and without healthcare coverage, and those who have benefitted from dental operations in the past may all be distinguished. You may use this information to create a more personalised email campaign for your dental practice.

Personalised Emails Help You Build a Stronger Relationship

Why are somea dental websites are popular than others? In every successful dental seo advert and marketing strategy, personalization is a must, and customised emails are no exception. While 72% of consumers only connect with individualised marketing messages in 2019, 51% of digital marketers believe personalisation is their top focus in 2020.

Each Patient is Different 

The most effective dental email marketing efforts take into account the fact that each patient is different. Personal characteristics, preferences, and treatment alternatives may all be used to identify your patients, allowing you to craft more personalised emails, develop deeper relationships with patients, and foster a sense of loyalty and trust.

Start by segregating your email list based on these metrics: profession, prior dental operations, new treatments they might benefit from, and whether they’re new to the business or existing customers. It’s possible to customise patients’ emails with information about new dental services or information about previous treatments using RevenueWell’s comprehensive email automation tools.

Automate Emails 

Sending patients automatic emails based on specified dates or actions is made easier with the support of an effective marketing platform. There are a variety of ways to send these emails, including welcoming new patients, reminders about upcoming appointments, and birthdays and anniversary greetings. 

Make it easy for people to provide you feedback, whether it’s through email, social media, or your website. Be sure to reach out to patients who haven’t seen you in a while by giving them a personal greeting and/or a unique offer.

Tips to bear in mind while sending an email

  • Emails to patients should always include their first name in the subject line and in the body of the message.
  • Directly talk to patients.
  • Ask inquiries such as, “Have you heard about our newest treatment service?” to get the discussion rolling.
  • Maintain brevity and conciseness.
  • Be creative with your visuals.
  • Make sure to avoid using phrases like “save,” which may be mistaken for spam, and “free,” which can be mistaken for spam, in the subject line of your email.
  • Include a phone number, email address, and a logo for your practice.
  • Link to your dental website or social media accounts by adding a link to the text.

Engage  With Your Email Subscribers

Once you’ve written your message and hit the “send” button, though, it’s more than that. A dental practice’s ultimate objective is to have its patients “converted” into patients by opening and reading their email messages.

While maintaining your brand at the forefront of your customers’ minds throughout the year, strategically disseminating useful information to them may assist raise brand recognition and encourage recommendations.


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