How to make hiring process easier and faster

Looking for new talent is a growing challenge for companies. It is not new that the lack of skill in the job market increases the competition and requires attracting, attaching, and recruiting the best candidates.

As a recruiter, you know that a more efficient recruitment process provides a better candidate experience, keeping the best candidates for your company and stopping the cost of lousy rent.

However, developing and managing a great recruitment process can be difficult without the right strategy. You do not want to accelerate your recruitment cycle at the point of essential steps to identify the most qualified candidates in your talent pool.

On the other hand, your recruitment managers should not use the same old methods, or you will continue to lose the candidates to other companies with more quick procedures. Today, the candidate expects a fast and easy application experience, and many people are not interested in waiting for more than two weeks of application. So how can you make your recruiting process more accessible and fast for candidates and recruiters without compromising the quality of the rent? To turn on these steps to turn your recruitment process:

1. Improve your job postings method

First of all, you need to ensure that your job descriptions are accurate and attractive. The best way to keep good candidates is to reach their expectations and start with an honest job, and here’s how to write job details at that point.

Another essential aspect you need to consider is where your recruiting team shares your open position. Are they advertising their vacancies on the most suitable job boards? Is it easy to share your jobs quickly on many employment websites?

The correct recruitment software can help your recruitment team distribute your vacancies on different job boards at once.

2. Try to make it easy to apply

Candidates are not ready to participate in long and tedious application processes. When it comes to application papers, they expect that you allow them to fill them on your mobile phone. And they are relying on you to limit your resume and limit the information related to the app relevant to the remaining fields that are not on their CV.

According to CareerBuilder, 20 percent of the candidates get out of application papers, which take more than 10 minutes to fill.

Do you believe that your application process meets these expectations? Then, using the correct recruitment software, you can get help in providing a customised, mobile-friendly application process, which allows the candidates to apply quickly.

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3. Try to improve candidate sourcing

In addition to the job boards and your career page, social media channels are also great for source candidates. Make sure your recruitment team benefits from the power of social recruitment.

Another great way to source the candidates is by going through the database of your candidates. Use your recruiting software to discover qualified candidates you have not previously rented and are suitable for a new situation.

In addition, take advantage of your employees’ professional network by allowing referrals. This is a very cost-effective way to connect with top, passive candidates.

4. Build a strong employer brand

According to an OfficeVibe report, more than 75% are inactive professional candidates who are not currently looking for jobs but are open to new opportunities. Creating a strong employer brand not only reduces the employee business up to 28%, but it also attracts these passive candidates to others.

A Glassdoor survey found that 69% of the respondents are likely to apply for the job if the employer actively responds to reviews and manages their brand by updating its profile and sharing the update on its culture and work environment. Is.

When you focus on creating a famous employer brand, you will not have to recruit. You will be the organisation after an excessive demand, flooding with applicants.

5. Move as quickly and efficiently as possible

According to Officevibe, the best candidate is out of the market in 10 days. It is essential to work quickly, especially when you know that you are interested in a specific applicant. Even if you have not decided yet, you should often follow up with the candidate to ensure that you are on your radar, discussing more information about the situation. Also, answer any questions or concerns to be updated in the entire process.

6. Try to make the  structured interview questions

Interviewing candidates offers the opportunity to position and evaluate their company’s motivations, skills, and cultural fit.

However, if you are not correct, the interview can turn into a big waste of time. And by this, we mean that you are not following a structured interview process.

Unless an interview can only explain 14 percent of the employee’s performance, at the same time, the structured interview can predict the employee’s performance by 26%. In a structured interview, all candidates are asked by a coherent set of questions, and there are clear criteria to assess the quality of their responses.

Structured interviews allow necessary and equally to evaluate candidates against the desired norms. Each candidate has been asked the same set of questions and given the same evaluation, so the recruiters should stick to the script.

7. Maintain the excellent review on the third-party platforms 

Potential employees often seek inner information about those companies for whom they want to work and include salary estimates, interview tips, and reviews from current and former employees from sites like Glassdoor. Studies show that 86% of the company read the company review and ratings before applying for the user job. The top candidate can not be involved in the first place if they do not like what they see: 50% of the job seekers said that they would not be able to take a job with a company for which there was a bad reputation for increments.

In the two tasks pulling in candidates, the review is active on websites and posting accurate information. If you have a lot of negative reviews of former employees, then it may be time to work on your company culture before trying to fill any open position. Doing so can improve your employee retention and cause more positive reviews to attract quality employees.






Vikram Seth is co-founder of Ducknowl and has been passionately working to develop software application that can help organizations to find best skill without going through a tedious recruitment process. Vikram has over 10 years of management experience particularly focused in IT industry. He has a strong acumen in IT staffing and recruitment business. He has received MS degree from Georgetown University, DC. In addition, he has received various certifications in Project Management. He is a keen supporter of sustainable organic farming and he lives with his family in Chicagoland.

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