How to wear a bucket hat with style?

bucket hat

How to wear a bucket hat with style?

The big comeback of the BOB, unflattering, underestimated, but super trendy! This famous urban hat straight from the 90s shakes up the codes and can make your look super desirable! Whether you have an urban, bohemian or bourgeois look, you will love wearing these famous cheap bucket hats or “Bucket Hat” as the Americans say!.
Bet on the right bob

For a successful look, you must already choose the right bob! A wardrobe must-have this season, the bucket hat offers a range of possibilities in terms of materials, prints and fun colours,… Something to have fun with! The goal is not to look like your grandfather fishing, but to be truly stylish.
For this, it is necessary to favour bobs with thick and textured materials to give body to your hat. We choose a bob in a strong material such as terry cloth, short or corduroy, or even faux fur effect “sheep”.

For even more character, you can opt for a printed bob. Animal motifs such as zebra or flowers will bring personality to your looks.

Bet either on pop or primary colours like fushia, magenta, or grass green or on pastels like parma, water green or soft pinks. You can match the colours of your bob to your outfit; it will create a nice harmony. Being chic with a bob is also possible! Opt instead for gingham or check frog bucket hat associated with a trench coat, very trendy!
As you have understood, our main advice is to choose it fun and from the new collections! The most pointed Bucket Hats will be those with a wide and rather oversized brim.

And the last piece of advice, assume it 100%, it will bring fun and casualness to all your looks!

Styling a Beach Look

As aesthetic as it is functional, summer is the ideal time to start wearing this original headgear. A wide-brimmed bucket hat in a beautiful material and in pop colours will enhance your beach look and you will be remarkable! Do not hesitate to associate your swimsuit with the colours of your bucket hat, with a pretty shade of green, the colour of nature. Don’t forget to choose your shade of green according to your colourimetry, super important because the hats are close to your face.

For summer and Winter women, opt for sage green or emerald green and for Spring and Autumn women, bet on grass green, so joyful and trendy!

And yes, the era of the cap is over, this summer; take out your most beautiful bucket hat! Whether macramé, straw or cotton, it will protect you from the sun in style, 100% UV protection guaranteed!

Twist a simple look

We love wearing the famous denim t-shirt, but sometimes it’s a little too minimalist to be in the stylish look category. This is where trendy accessories come in!
Hats such as bucket hats are fabulous and add personality to your basic look! We advise you to associate it with a white shirt stitched to your boyfriend, nice jeans and a pair of Birkenstocks.

Feminize a look with fluidity

Are you afraid of going a little too street with your bob?! Do not panic! You can combine your hat with ultra-feminine outfits to contrast the urban spirit of the Bucket Hat. Opt for the fluid dress or silk shirt to bring lightness and femininity to the look. If you are afraid of being cold, take out your trench coat which will perfectly complement your outfit. The mix and match of the street and the femininity of a light outfit will make you ultra-stylish. Breaking the codes is always a good idea!

100% streetwear

For a more casual look, go for the total sportswear look. In this case, we play it 100% street and we take up the codes of the 90s. We bring out his banana bag, his dad’s shoes and his oversized sweatshirt for a chill and stylish effect. Bet on a rather classic bob so as not to weigh down the silhouette.


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