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Know Pros and Cons of A DIY Move before Choosing It

Moving is a big event in your life. It affects your life to a greater extent. People who move frequently always feel disturbed. The reason is that the entire moving process is too complex to initiate.

Moving becomes more complex when you choose a DIY move. Some people consider it to be a simple moving process. However, this is not true.

DIY moving process has its pros and cons. Some people prefer it just because it saves their money. Others want flexibility while moving. And this is the reason why they opt for the self-moving procedure.

Many people are confused in choosing between a DIY moving process and professional movers. They are more inclined to take up the DIY moving. But they have inadequate knowledge of this process. So, they show an inability to opt for a DIY move.

Here are a few pros and cons of a DIY move that will help you in making a better decision:-

Pros of A DIY Move

  • Complete Control of Your Moving Process

Many people pick the DIY move as they need flexibility during the move. Choosing the DIY move will offer them the freedom they want.

They can easily manage the DIY move according to their needs. A DIY move offers you complete control over the moving process. You can fix any date and time you want if you are self-moving. You can pack and move as per your desires.

Besides, you have the freedom of renting any truck size you want. For affordable moving, consider renting the trailer.

Also, you can move at your own pace in DIY moving. In this way, a DIY move lets you have full control of your moving process. You don’t need to act upon the advice of your movers in this moving method.

  • Pack In Your Own Way

The packing process is one of the toughest tasks of the entire moving process. You can take full charge of the packing process if you have opted for the self-moving process.

Also, you don’t need to use costly packing materials to pack your products. Instead, you can use qualitative and affordable packing materials in this method.

Many packers and movers use costly packing supplies from their end. This only increases your entire moving cost.

The packers and movers pack your stuff in their own method. If you hire fraud movers, they’ll pack your stuff in an improper manner.

This may damage your articles and other precious things. But in the DIY method, your articles will be packed by your family members and friends. So, you won’t have any stress of getting your items damaged.

In the DIY move, you can pack at your own pace. You don’t need to wait for any moving truck. You can pack at your own speed. And once you are ready you can start your move.

  • Savings

The best part about the DIY move is that it is affordable than hiring the movers. In the self-moving process, you can take the assistance of your family members and friends. They will help you in your packing, loading, and unloading process.

You’ll be able to save a great amount of money by taking help from them. You can consider throwing a small party for them afterward.

It would also be affordable for you to take a small truck for rent instead of renting a big-sized truck. This will help you save your moving costs to some extent.

You can also use your friends’ cars to take your belongings. This way you’ll have to rely less on renting trucks.

Just like the pros, there are a few cons of a DIY move. Some of them are listed below:-

Cons of A DIY Move

  • More Hard Work Needed

Unlike the moving laborers, your friends and family members don’t have the habit of loading heavy items.

Also, some of them are not strong enough to lift your heavy boxes. So, under these circumstances, there is a risk of an injury during the moving task.

  • Hidden Expenses

There are some hidden expenses that you have to pay during the DIY move. You might have calculated the total estimate before your DIY move.  But, these costs are not final.

Some of the unexpected costs you need to pay to include the cost of many things. Some of them are moving dollies, packing supplies, furniture pads, etc.

  • Wastage of Time

If you are moving for the first time, you might not know everything about moving. So, it will be difficult to finish your moving task in time.

Many people call their friends to help them during the move. But these people turn up late. This makes your whole moving process late. In this way, your precious time will be wasted.

Also, your friends are not moving professionals. They will take much time in packing and load your items. So, be prepared to take more time for the whole process.

  • No Planning

It is unable to plan strategically if you have never moved in your life. You don’t know the right process to plan your move to get the desired results. And if there is no planning, you may end up spoiling your moving process.

Many challenges will pop up during the move. And you won’t be able to face them due to the lack of experience. You don’t know how to cope up with these challenges in the best manner.

In these situations, hiring the packers and movers Pune to Mumbai over the DIY move will be the best idea. Availing of their services will benefit you in more ways than one. These movers have a perfect strategy in place before initiating the moving process.

  • Unexpected Problems

There might be many unexpected problems that you might experience during the move. You might have to pay so many hidden expenses that you have ever thought of.

Also, there might be an injury or damage to your articles during the relocation. These incidents will make your move more stressful.


Hence, a DIV moving process has its own advantages and disadvantages. Now, you are aware of all these pros and cons. So, consider these pros and cons before choosing between DIY moving and the packers and movers.

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