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Online Learning Requires Additional Training for Instructors

The coronavirus has caused many students’ education. Students lost almost two years during the lockdown. Teachers try their best to cover their losses. But the online learning process is also the first experience for teachers and professors. Some training sessions have occurred, teachers have no idea how to conduct online classes. In the lockdown period, teachers have faced many difficulties, especially old-age teachers who did not know how to operate the computer. How can they manage to give their lecture to students in online classes? After schools were closed, teachers or professors started to take a class on Google class, but the biggest problem was to create time management. There was no time match between students and teachers. Teachers were obsessed with giving their appropriate lectures in online classes as they were used in physical classes. To tackle these problems, teachers attended some online training sessions. Where expertise gives them professional online class help tips. Some teachers quickly learn these tips, and some take time to learn. In this article, some additional training mentions through which teachers can easily overcome these problems of online classes.


Keep It Simple:


Teachers know very well how to deliver a lecture in the classroom. They try to get involved with students by asking questions about the lecture during their class. Student participation helps those who have some confusion about the lecture. They try to clear the concept of those students who were absent mind in the class. Through students’ body language, they quickly noticed whether students understood the lecture or not. 

These challenges are faced in the distance learning process. Teachers and students collectively do no longer in the same class. In this situation, teachers try to ask questions specific to every student to make their attention in an online class. Because they have no idea, students take a class or just show active on google class. After delivering a lecture, they have to post notes in PDF form, through which students get help to make their proper notes.


Establish A Digital Classroom:


In online learning, the first step is to make an online classroom. Teachers have to download some apps like canvas or Google class through which they can easily take a course online. Also, make a social media group where students can ask questions about the topics and set a suitable time when students or teachers are available. If possible, take an online attendance by calling their names just to check whether students are present or not. Teachers have to select the most simple apps for students. Most of the teachers used a Google classroom which is easy to use and has a free subscription. When you are going through a tough time, always try to be calm and straightforward

Give Assignment and Project online:


In physical classes, teachers give their students daily homework, but it is not possible to do daily homework in distance learning. In that case, teachers have to make a strategy to give students lengthy assignments and projects to gain marks in their final exams. 

Set a day in a week to have a conversation on their assignments or projects. With the help of this strategy, when the students or teachers cannot take an online class, students have their homework or projects. They can work on it and discuss it when the course is rescheduled. In this way, students do not waste their time. They have the assignment to do.


Provide Some Flexibility In The Online Class:


You have to make a proper class schedule in online classes. In schools, after hours of study, there is a break time for students to make their minds fresh and prepare their minds for additional studies. In the same online class, you have to take some short breaks in your long hours class, because long hours study on mobile phone or tablet is not suitable for the students and also for you. Both students and you feel suffocated and not mentally prepared to involve in the lecture. You can give them breaks or talk about other topics. It helps students boost their minds.


Provide Proper Online Notes:


To make it easy for students, teachers have to make a proper note about their lecture and share it on Google classroom. In this way, students easily understand the lecture because they have some right notes in written form. After all, there is a voice problem in online classes due to connection problems. If the students have proper documents, they can make their own notes without a lecture. Those students who do not take class according to the teacher’s timetable. They can get help from top online course help apps, where students get a recorded lecture about their courses and prepare themselves for the exam. These are all strategies that teachers or professors follow in the distance learning process to save their students from their education loss.  

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