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Online whiteboard for brainstorming in 2022

Online whiteboard for brainstorming


How do you get the most out of a brainstorming session using an online whiteboard to its full potential?

In this post, we will examine the most effective tactics of an online whiteboard for brainstormimng. Demonstrate how to conduct brainstorming sessions using an online whiteboard.

After reading this article, you will have a better understanding of how to conduct fruitful remote brainstorming sessions with your colleagues.

  • What is the objective of brainstorming?
  • Who should participate?
  • Describe the various sorts of brainstorming approaches available.
  • Techniques involving the use of sticky notes
  • Brainstorming Rules to Follow

When using Collaboard’s online whiteboard, how do you go about facilitating a brainstorming session?

Think about the following three arguments in favor of using an online whiteboard


  • A remote team develops ideas and adds them to the whiteboard in real-time, from any location and using any device, even a smartphone.
  • Using online whiteboards to collaborate on work during distant sessions is beneficial.
  • Each and every one of your ideas is instantly transferred to digital format, ensuring that you never lose track of them again.

In what way does brainstorming serve a purpose?


Brainstorming is a strategy for generating ideas, organizing them into groups, and evaluating them in accordance with predetermined criteria.

Numerous firms employ brainstorming to generate as many ideas as possible among members of a team. The emphasis is exclusively on the number of ideas presented, rather than the quality of those ideas presented. Each participant should be given the opportunity to express his or her opinions on a given issue.

We’ve learned over the last few months that brainstorming on-site is really difficult to accomplish because we were all working from home at that time.

Without a digital whiteboard on which everyone can write their remarks on sticky notes, it’s difficult to discuss ideas with a group of people during audio or video conference calls.

What are some effective brainstorming techniques?


There are a plethora of brainstorming tactics to choose from. There are several strategies that are preferable to one another depending on the goals that you want to achieve in your business.

If you’re looking to do remote brainstorming on an online whiteboard, we’ve found that the following tactics perform incredibly well in this situation.

Notes with adhesive backing


It is considered to be one of the most effective brainstorming tools. The digital whiteboard is used to post ideas and then work them out with the use of cards and pins on the board.

Numerous questions, tasks, and goals are jumbled together. Everyone uses sticky notes to pin an idea or response to them on the digital whiteboard. Which is equipped with a projector. It is in this manner that new ideas are rapidly generated, and the team works out the specifics as they come across them.

There are several rules to follow when brainstorming


A productive brainstorming session is built around four key principles. Despite the fact that the staff works remotely, it is vital that they follow the rules and regulations. We will simply discuss the following rules for brainstorming in order to save time:

There isn’t anything negative to say.


The initial consideration is given to any suggestion, no matter how ludicrous. During the course of the process, there is no evaluation performed. Discussion, debating, and criticism are all completely prohibited on this website. This holds true for both verbal and nonverbal forms of criticism.

There is no such thing as copyright.


As previously stated, it is not only useful but also a vital aspect of brainstorming to continue exploring various ideas in order to keep the process moving forward. My notion is not protected by copyright or any other type of intellectual property protection. Brainstorming is intended to assist a team in coming up with the best solution to a problem.

Concentrate on the quantity of work.


At first glance, the sheer number of ideas is what is important. In general, the more there is, the better the situation. The emphasis is placed on quantity rather than quality.

Lateral reasoning is a type of reasoning that occurs after the fact.

During the whirlpool of thoughts, it is important to engage in free association, as well as straying, spinning, and imagining as much as possible. Allow your thoughts to wander, think outside of the box, and approach a problem in a different way than you are accustomed to.

When conducting brainstorming sessions, how to make use of the online whiteboard Collaboard


Simply register with the web-based software, and you will be able to start using the online whiteboard immediately afterward. If you’re accustomed to working with a whiteboard, there’s no reason to stop using one right away. Alternatively, you may use an online whiteboard to collaborate. It helps you to get the benefits of visual thinking and collaboration without having to be physically there with your colleagues.

There are templates for brainstorming, and you may put your ideas on digital sticky notes and cards to keep track of them. Additionally, using an online whiteboard allows you to conduct more advanced operations. Such as looking for photographs on the internet or uploading data to your computer. An important aspect is a fact that anything users create on an online whiteboard. It is shared in real-time with other users.

  • Decide on an issue to tackle or a topic to talk about in class.
  • Decide on a brainstorming strategy to use.
  • Determine who should be invited to the brainstorming session and send out invitations to those individuals.
  • Create and customize a limitless online whiteboard to meet your individual needs and requirements.
  • Rather than utilizing sticky notes or other tools to design your desktop, use a template instead.
  • Let’s get started and finish our brainstorming session!

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