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SACFA Approval in India: What is the procedure to obtain it?

SACFA approval is the DOT issued permit that allocates frequency bands to manufacturers, operators and importers of wireless license. Even though this license is important in the telecommunication domain, it is hardly on the lips of any telecom stakeholder. Therefore, this article will inform you of the significance of this approval. Additionally, you will know about the steps you need to walk on to obtain this certificate in India.

Many types of telecommunication licenses exist in India, and most of them fly under the radar. Because the government has not been very pro-active about keeping people informed about the licenses, many only come to realize of their importance at a critical time.

As a result, there are many telecom operators, device importers and manufacturers that people haven’t heard about.

To bring these people to light, we have to take a step. So, here it is the. The process to gain SACFA Certificate in India. Read More Useful Content: Insurance Marketing Firm

First thing first – Are you eligible for the Approval?

Most of the registration requirements in the telecom sector comes down to a single point – eligibility criteria. For  the SACFA Approval, the eligibility criteria entail the following points:

  1. The applicant should a business entity who has the registration certificate under the Companies Act.
  2. DOT issues SACFA approval to those with the telecom resources to provide certain services that use telecom equipment. Thus, the applicant must meet the technical eligibility points.
  3. The applicant must have the license to provide one of the following services:
    1. Internet Service Provider
    2. Cellular Service Provider
    3. Community Radio Service Provider
    4. And DTH broadcast service Provider

One you meet the mentioned eligibility criteria, you can start the process of obtaining the SACFA certification.

But first, your concern should be to collect the documents.

Documents for the SACFA approval

All the telecommunication permissions are issued based on the documents that the applicant proves. Therefore, please be precise and furnish the following documents before starting the process:

  1. A filled SACFA approval application form. It has to be filed offline as currently, there is no online method in sight.
  2. Frequency allocation form: It is the document in which you will specify the frequency band you seek to get allocated for yourself.
  3. Demand Draft of the application processing fee: Going by the offline vein of application filing, you have to submit a Demand Draft for your application fees.
  4. Map of your registered office from where you’re providing your internet, cellular, broadcasting services.
  5. A cover letter addressed to the SACFA secretary

SACFA Approval Process

Once you have accumulated the documents, the rest of the process entails application filing and its assessment.

The process is as follows:

  1. The SACFA director will assess your application and at the same time, the Home Ministry will run a background check on you.
  2. After the Home Ministry verifies your identity and is satisfied with the way you perform your business, you get the approval.
  3. Afterwards, the SACFA bodies start assessing your need for the approval. For that, they observe your cover letter.
  4. If they feel satisfactory by reading your cover letter, the final SACFA approval certificate is issued.


Don’t let these simple words fool you. The process to obtain the SACFA approval is a lot more than what we have provided.

However, you now have the general gist of the process. Thus, if you require more information, contact Registrationwala. Our experts will fulfil your requirements on time and as per the desired timeline.

The process of obtaining the SACFA approval in India is one that you must follow if your site is on expanding your telecom business. Please read this article to know more.

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