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Majority of private schools in India are unable to set up proper infrastructure or provide their students. With the facilities that they deserve to receive a quality education. Because they do not receive the financial support required to fulfill that dream. While online banking is now the most convenient option for everyone. Varthana comes to your doorstep and helps you with your school loan solutions. It is simple and hassle-free.

About Varthana

Varthana, one of the leading school loan companies in India believes that stronger infrastructure leads to more enrolment and that your institution can deliver quality education for students’ overall growth with our school loan. And did I mention that with Varthana, you have to deal with minimum paperwork?

So get ready to have your school financing completed with ease. As one of the leading school loan companies in India we have both secured and unsecured school financing loans so you can choose what suits you best. When you fill out and submit the application form you will assigned a dedicated relationship manager.

Our experts understand your business in a realistic way and derive the loan amount that will work best for you. We consider actual cash flows of the school, so after a thorough understanding of the proposed project, necessary due diligence and loan eligibility calculation, Varthana school loan would be approved and disbursed.

We are a Bangalore-based Non Banking Finance company where customers can choose whether to take out a loan to construct a new school building or avail school funding for larger school projects. If you are running a low-budget private school in India and seeking financial help, you can apply for a customized school loan and receive up to 2 crores in funds, completely hassle-free.  We are operating in major cities (15 states and expanding) throughout India. And recognised as one of the top school loan providers in the country having assisted over 4000 private schools to date.

Attractive benefits include:

Construction of a school building construction of new classrooms purchasing land for school expansion remodeling computer. Science labs expanding teaching methodology buying vehicles like school buses and vans. Note here that Varthana’s loans for educational institutions are for affordable private schools and eligible owners.

How is Varthana different from others?

Beyond loans, Varthana is:

  • Supporting students in academic and career goals: Our beyond loan solutions are designed around the realms of happiness, positivity, engagement and wellbeing of each and every student. We are helping students build their self-awareness.
  • Transforming education: We are actively helping students develop and strengthen their core foundational skills, thus transforming the country’s affordable education system. We believe that teaching and learning should always be relevant, whether they are related to your grade or extracurricular activities.
  • Providing portable Math and Science Lab: This is one of our most popular partnership products, created and built for use in the classroom. The labs are one-of-a-kind and of exceptional quality and they may be used in the classroom. To teach practical math, physics, chemistry, and biology methodology.
  • Training English Learning Program: Students who are able to get out of the classroom can gain valuable future learning insights. Varthana has introduced and implemented an English Learning Program. A partnership product that helps the school in adopting and practicing English proficiency right from the kindergarten stage.
  • Educating in a Digital Smart Classroom: Now comes the exciting part. Our Digital Smart Classroom, a partnership product that turns every classroom into a smart one.
  • Serving with Unlock School Program: Through Varthana’s Unlock Schools Program initiative, students in grades 1-8 get access to printed worksheets and additional videos for Math and English subjects. It will help them gradually return to their current grade level.
  • Offering Financial Consultation: We aim to help the School to manage their finances better by creating budgets and by providing visibility and understanding of cash-flows. We give schools the knowledge, tools, and necessary training to improve their financial health.


Varthana is serving you with a personalized Doorstep Service. Our school loan interest rate is calculated according to the market value. Higher loan amount available for longer tenure and at reasonable rates. Some factors that influence the rate are loan amount requested.

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