Simple ways to glow skin during summer naturally

The summer is just nearing the finish line, and while it is outdoor fun, it also means increased sunlight exposure to the skin, which could result in more damage. It also brings sweat and sun, resulting in a clogged face that is dull and tired. Check out this article to learn some easy natural techniques to have glowing skin this summer.

Drink water to replenish your water supply

Drink plenty of water to have glowing skin

The secret to glowing skin lies in water intake. Consume plenty of water to keep your body well-hydrated. Remember that your body requires water to complete essential tasks. If it’s dehydrated, it will hold water to meet its needs. Skincare is given less priority over other essential tasks, meaning your skin may lose moisture and look dull and dry.

Get plenty of fluids to ensure that your body is well-hydrated and that your skin receives plenty of moisture. If you are bored of plain water, Try some refreshing shakes to boost the flavour.

In the summer months is the time to drink water. It’s the most beneficial thing you can give your skin. Be sure to put the bottle on your way out.

Apply a light moisturizer using products for skin

The time of summer is the best moment to transition towards lighter and water-based cosmetic products. Due to sweat, grime, dirt, and sun, our skin can easily get congested in the summer months. It is best to stay clear of the heavy, buttery products for your skin and opt for a lighter-weight one to ensure that it’s not weighed down.

If you do not want to apply multiple layers of products, you can use sunscreen with a moisturizer similar to this. You can also use a moisturizer that has sun protection. It’s all fine as long you 

and shield the skin (more to follow about this).

Make sure to include a good evening cream as part of your summer skin routine. It’s crucial in the summertime since it will help repair the damage done to your skin throughout the day. I’ve tried this and had a positive experience.

Make sure you are protected by using sunscreen

Sunscreen is crucial in summer to shield you from harmful sun rays.

As lovely as the sun’s warmth feels to our skin, we should avoid getting out in the sun without proper sun protection.

If you can, stay inside or, at a minimum, stay away from the sunniest hours. If you must go out, you should wear a broad-spectrum sunscreen with full sleeves and a hat to shield yourself from direct sunlight.

Because the sun’s rays are stronger and more brutal during summer, the damage to the skin exposed is more severe. Make sure to use an appropriate sunscreen that contains a minimum of 30 SPF. It is best to opt for a broad-spectrum sunscreen that protects you from UVA and UVB. This one.

Be aware that the higher SPF doesn’t suggest more excellent protection. SPF is a Sun Protection Factor, which means how long sunscreen will protect your skin from damage. SPF is based on your skin type, lifestyle and routine, and how long you’ll be exposed to direct sunlight, among other things.

Cleanse dead and dirty cells

Summer is a time of sweat, and that’s not just at least in India, where it can get boiling. Dust particles in the air tend to adhere to sweat more which blocks the pores. This can cause more whiteheads or blackheads.

So how do we eliminate this and clear pores? Exfoliate!

Exfoliation is a way to get rid of dirt, dead skin cells and dust that can cause clogging of your pores. Massage gently in circular movements with an exfoliating scrub (which could be made at home or purchased from a store). Be careful not to be harsh on your skin, as it could cause further harm.

In addition to removing old skin cells and dead ones, exfoliation assists in removing tanning and glowing your skin.

Do you want to experiment with some easy DIY scrubs you can make in your kitchen? Take a look at my list of super simple DIY scrubs.

Tone naturally with natural toners.

Toners aid in balancing the pH of the skin and also take care of uneven skin tone. In the summer, you can use natural toners such as ACV, rose water or witch hazel to treat uneven skin tone and refresh your skin.

Use a cotton ball to spread the toners over your face. Feel the refreshing sensation.

I’ve got an assortment of DIY toners & mists  you can look into and test at your home.

Refresh your face with facial mists

What do you do when you are in a hurry and don’t have time to wash your face, although you genuinely want to? Well, use facial mists!

Facial kits are a great product to try during the summer. They can provide relief from summer, nourish the skin, and refresh it in the heat of a sunny day. They’re generally gentle, and unlike soap, they won’t dry your skin. This is a plus.

It’s extremely simple to apply facial mists and highly convenient when you don’t have the time to clean your face with water. Keep an eye mist bottle in your purse, and apply it when your skin starts to feel tired and dull. It’ll instantly add shine to your skin and also help to cool you during a hot summer day.

Simple facial mist recipe:

Distilled water


Lavender essential oil

Amber coloured glass bottle for spray

Mix equal amounts of distilled or filtered water within an amber glass bottle. Incorporate a handful of lavender essential oil, and give it a shake. Spray it as and when needed.

Look radiant with healthy foods.

There’s no way around it. The fact that eating what you eat is among the more dependable truths of the world.

In the summer, stay away from hot, spicy and oily food. Instead, opt for lighter, healthier foods. According to Indian custom and Ayurveda, spicy and oily foods cause heat to the body. In summer, temperatures are already high; this added heat can cause health issues such as acidity, gas burning and breakouts.

Light foods are easy to digest and offer additional nutrients without burdening the digestive system.

Positively, it’s always best to eat a balanced diet. When you do this, you’ll enjoy radiant skin and be healthier. Enjoy your glowing skin and incredible abs (my goal for the day!)


Longer days in summer help us integrate exercise into our lives. If you’re beginning, you can start by walking to start exercising. If you’re already exercising, you can continue to do so this summer.

How can I cure sunburn?

Sunburn is caused by exposure to intense sun. Sunburns cause red skin, which can cause itching or irritation. The skin may become hot to the touch. Follow these easy steps to treat sunburn.

1. Coldwater

Nothing can combat heat more effectively than water. Take a refreshing bathtub or place an ice-cold compress on sunburns. This will help cool the hot skin and minimize burns.

2. Aloe vera gel

Aloe vera gel can help reduce heat and cool the skin if applied to sunburns. This helps minimize sunburn and skin injuries.

3. Cucumber

Like aloe vera, cucumber is also cooling for the skin and assists in repairing skin damage. Apply a few slices of cucumber to the sunburns and leave it for several minutes. Cucumber absorbs sunburns’ heat and can help reduce the burning.

It’s also possible to apply cucumber gel similar to aloe gel. Apply enough to the burns and allow it to dry.

4. Clay

Clay masks are an additional excellent solution for sunburns. Clays generally calm and absorb dirt and dust off the skin. If the skin is cool, it aids in healing the burns quicker. You can try Multani mitti or sandals masks.

With sunburns, you’ll need to allow your skin to cool down. Cooler skin isn’t as painful and heals more quickly.

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